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Up to big tasks: Aiways U5 SUV impresses with its spaciousness

Benchmark in its class: The spaciousness and freedom of movement in the interior of the Aiways U5 SUV are unmatched in its segment

Especially during the vacation season, a spacious vehicle like the Aiways U5 SUV is a perfect companion. Not only its spacious body provides an impressive amount of space, but especially the intelligent design of its MAS platform. This means that the functional SUV not only offers space for any vacation luggage, but above all unrivalled space for passengers large and small.

Compared to a conventionally powered vehicle, a battery-electric automobile like the Aiways U5 SUV requires far fewer components in the powertrain. This results in more generous space, for example due to the elimination of the gimbal tunnel in the center of the vehicle. However, these theoretical space advantages can only be exploited if the technical basis of the vehicle was designed purely for an electric drive at the start of development.

The intelligent MAS platform impresses with its spatial concept

“The “More Adaptable Structure” that underpins not only the Aiways U5 SUV but also the new Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé was therefore planned from the outset without compromise. This meant that every component could be developed not only for the best efficiency but also for the greatest economy of space,” says Dr. Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President Overseas Operations at Aiways, explaining the advantages of a clearly focused technical basis.

In addition, all Aiways models are designed according to the FRM concept: “Family Roomy Mobility” is more than just a development buzzword here, as the example of the Aiways U5 SUV shows that there is an unrivaled solution behind the idea. With up to 500 millimeters of rear knee room, it offers more than most luxury-class sedans and combines this with a trunk volume of up to 1,555 liters that is suitable for families and vacations.

Facilitates everyday life for families with small children

Not only can the stroller or buggy be easily folded and transported as a whole in the trunk, but the Aiways U5 SUV also has its advantages when it comes to child seats. Even Isofix base mounts with a rotating base plate can be easily installed in the rear and offer the baby seat sufficient space to the front seat at all times. So not only does the offspring sit comfortably and securely, but the parents in the front row don’t have to compromise on space either. The wide-opening doors in the second row also make the buckling and unbuckling process easier.

Up to big tasks

But the Aiways U5 SUV also solves other problems with its space, like Aiways fan Christian Waniaus. With his height of 2.10 meters, it’s not easy for the Austrian-born driver to find a suitable vehicle. In the U5, he not only has enough legroom and headroom in the front row, he can even sit comfortably in the rear – while the driver’s seat remains adjusted to his own seating position. In addition to the absolute amount of space, this is made possible above all by the large adjustment range of the front seats. The MAS platform with its FRM concept is thus not only up to small tasks, but also the biggest ones.

SOURCE: Aiways

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