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TUGA signs LOI for ultra clean cabin air

EV developer aims for practical innovation as a healthier way to travel

TUGA Innovations, Inc. (“TUGA Innovations,” or the “Company”), a developer of solutions for urban mobility challenges with the TUGA, a new type of electric vehicle (“EV”), is pleased to announce it has entered into a non-binding letter of intent with air purification specialist Rensair LLC (“Rensair”) regarding a potential commercial relationship to integrate air quality technology into the TUGA product line.

Founded in May 2020 by Danish twins Christian and Frederik Hendriksen, Rensair is headquartered in London with operations in the UK, Europe, USA, and Asia. The company’s unique combination of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and ultraviolet C (UVC) technology was originally proven in the Scandinavian healthcare sector and refined over two decades. Applications extend across numerous industries, from hospitals, care homes, dental practices, and offices, to gyms, entertainment venues, retail outlets, and now into the automotive sector. To-date, Rensair has delivered units to a total of 40 countries on five different continents with over 800 customers including CBRE, Disney, Morgan Stanley, PepsiCo, SNCF, and the UK National Health Service (NHS). Find out more at

If the Company and Rensair pursue a collaboration, the Company anticipates this will include Rensair developing a specific environmental control unit for the TUGA vehicle to purify, clean and monitor air quality inside the vehicle. This includes filtering and destroying pathogens & organic compounds such as COVID viruses.

Frederik Hendriksen, Co-Founder of Rensair notes, “We are thrilled with the possible opportunity to work with TUGA Innovations to develop a new standard for air quality within urban mobility. Like in buildings, the air quality inside vehicles is substantially worse than the outside air and we share TUGA Innovations’ vision in creating a safer and healthier commute for everyone.”

César Barbosa, VP of TUGA Innovations states, “We define ourselves as not just a vehicle developer but as a solution provider for urban mobility difficulties, and in this context having clean air inside our TUGAs makes so much sense. Not just transportation, but also as a health solution while getting from point A to point B.”

The proposed introduction of the Rensair technology would see the provision of hospital quality air for the TUGA driver and passenger, all while monitoring air quality inside and outside. The benefits to the occupants are apparent: while commuting in urban traffic, a regular source of air pollution, air quality controls inside the TUGA will help provide situational awareness of exterior conditions while offering a healthier way to transit throughout congested city centres.

John Hagie, TUGA Innovations CEO says, “Innovation, quality and collaboration are our key company values, and nothing reflects them better than the nature of the proposed relationship with Rensair. Innovation is essential to our approach towards passenger quality of life, and we are scrupulous about keeping people in a TUGA safe, in all definitions of the term. A collaboration with Rensair could enhance our solution to urban mobility as an added value opportunity which is great for the public, our Company, and shareholders alike.”


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