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Toyota’s new Land Cruiser “250” makes world premiere

Land Cruiser "70" return to Japan also announced

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) has unveiled the new Land Cruiser “250” Series to the world, with the launch planned for the first half of 2024 in Japan. Also announced today is the heavy-duty Land Cruiser “70”, which will make its return to Japan this coming winter as a regular model in the range. This will result in all three Land Cruiser series again being available in Japan.

From left: Land Cruiser "300", Land Cruiser "70" (prototype), and Land Cruiser "250" (prototype)

1) A vehicle that allows people to go anywhere and everywhere and return safely, developed and refined over more than 70 years based on the actual usage situations of global customers

Launched originally as the Toyota BJ on August 1, 1951, the Land Cruiser series is now 72 years old. Immediately after its launch, it became the first vehicle to climb to the sixth station of Mount Fuji. From that time, it has fulfilled its mission of delivering safety and security to all types of people in places that can only be reached in the Land Cruiser. Developed and refined based on the actual usage situations of global customers, it provides reliability, durability, and off-road performance that allows people to go anywhere and everywhere and return safely. This concept has been passed down and evolved. With cumulative sales of about 11.3 million units*1 in approximately 170 countries and regions around the world, it has supported the lives and livelihoods of people everywhere.

*1 As of the end of June 2023. Both the cumulative numbers include the Lexus LX and GX.

Until now, the Land Cruiser range has been divided into three different series―the Station Wagon that always showcases the latest technologies and has evolved into the flagship model (currently the 300 Series), the Heavy-Duty model with outstanding durability and off-road driving performance (the 70 Series), and the Light Duty model that provides ease of handling and comfort on an off-road base as a lifestyle and practical choice for customers (Prado).

2) 250 Series, back to the origin and essence of the Land Cruiser

The Light Duty Series has tended to shift toward high-end and luxury models as the generations have evolved. In developing the 250 Series, then-President Akio Toyoda, who has the ultimate responsibility for product development, explained his basic approach as, “The Land Cruiser should be a car that supports people’s lives and local communities, so the Light Duty model must return to the true form that customers are looking for.” In response, the development team defined the concept as returning to the origin of the Land Cruiser. With the spirit of rebuilding the model, they created a simple and sturdy vehicle that can be trusted by customers to fulfill their lifestyle choices and practical needs.

The new 250 Series is a core Land Cruiser model with the same GA-F platform as the 300 Series to dramatically improve basic performance as an off-roader. It also comes with various powertrains to achieve even more powerful driving performance and environmental performance worthy of the Land Cruiser name. It was created in pursuit of unique Land Cruiser characteristics, incorporating interior and exterior styling that fuses traditional and modern in a functional package. The aim was to create a next-generation Land Cruiser with improved ease of handling and comfort for both on- and off-road driving, while also delivering class-leading advanced safety performance.

Even after the 250 Series is released, the Land Cruiser will continue to evolve, while meeting a range of social needs, as a trustworthy, reliable, and practical choice for customers worldwide.

Improved basic performance as an off-roader through adoption of the GA-F platform

With the same GA-F platform as the 300 Series, the new 250 Series has dramatically improved off-road performance. As a reliable and practical choice for customers, it has improved ease of handling and comfort for on-road driving as well.

  • Significantly increased rigidity50% increase in frame rigidity and 30% increase in overall rigidity
  • Improved basic suspension performanceImproved wheel articulation, which is an indicator of off-road performance that describes the ability of a tire to stay on the ground
  • Improved on- and off-road driving performance through adoption of the following systems
  • Electric power steering (EPS)Contributes to reduced loss of steering control when driving off-road, provides a crisper steering feel, improves maneuverability at low speeds, and enables Lane Tracing Assist
  • Stabilizer Disconnect Mechanism (SDM) First use in a Toyota vehicle. A switch-operated function that enables the front stabilizer state to be changed, delivering driving performance and ride comfort when off-road and handling stability when on-road
  • Improved off-road driving support through enhanced functionality of the Multi-Terrain Monitor and Multi-Terrain Select

Various powertrains to achieve powerful driving performance and environmental performance worthy of a Land Cruiser

The 250 Series inherits the Land Cruiser mission of supporting the lives and livelihoods of people everywhere, while pursuing the reliability, durability, and off-road performance that is the DNA of the Land Cruiser. In line with Toyota’s carbon neutrality initiatives that take a diverse multi-pathway approach, it also comes with various powertrains, including the first hybrid system for a Land Cruiser. These achieve powerful driving performance and environmental performance worthy of a Land Cruiser.

Powertrain characteristics

PositioningDestination (Planned)
T24A-FTS Gasoline 2.4-liter turbo Hybrid Direct Shift-8AT243 kW
(330 PS)
630 N・m
  • High-end electric powertrain
  • In addition to off-road capabilities, improved acceleration and environmental performance across all power ranges, from initial acceleration to climbing and towing
North America, China
T24A-FTS Gasoline 2.4-liter turbo Direct Shift-8AT207 kW
(281 PS)
430 N・m
  • Mass-market gasoline powertrain
  • Smooth and powerful driving performance, a quiet ride, and environmental performance achieved through a newly developed TNGA powertrain
Middle East, Eastern Europe, etc.
1GD-FTV Diesel 2.8-liter turbo (48V system) Direct Shift-8AT150 kW
(204 PS)
500 N・m
  • High-end diesel powertrain
  • In addition to the characteristics of the 1GD, improved actual fuel economy in urban settings and traffic congestion
  • High-quality, quiet engine startup and smooth initial take-off
Australia, Western Europe
1GD-FTV Diesel 2.8-liter turbo Direct Shift-8AT150 kW
(204 PS)
500 N・m
  • Mass-market diesel powertrain
  • Improved ease of handling both on- and off-road through a combination of the 8AT* and 1GD, which has a reputation for good fuel economy and powerful driving performance
Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan, Middle East, etc.
2TR-FE 2.7-liter gasoline 6 Super-ECT120 kW
(163 PS)
246 N・m
  • High-quality, affordable basic powertrain
  • Improved ease of handling in normal driving
Eastern Europe, Japan, etc.

* 6AT is still used in some countries and regions

Interior and exterior styling that fuses traditional and modern in a functional package

Functional package carries people and cargo safely in every situation

The 250 Series achieves good forward visibility through a low-set cowl and instrument panel top surface, which contribute to safe on- and off-road driving. It also employs a low beltline to improve visibility of road surfaces even on rough roads. While dramatically improving off-road driving performance on the traditional Land Cruiser wheelbase, this series has a shorter mirror-to-mirror width to ensure good maneuverability.

With the durability of parts and easy repairs in the event of breakages, the design also takes customizability into account to allow users to enjoy their Land Cruiser in their own unique ways.

Prototype specifications: Length 4,925 mm (+100); Width 1,980 mm (+95); Height 1,870 mm (+20); Wheelbase 2,850 mm (+60) (Compared to the CG Prado)

Land Cruiser styling fuses traditional and modern

In a fusion of traditional and modern, interior and exterior styling on the 250 Series focuses on three keywords: “reliable” (reliability to withstand harsh usage conditions), “timeless” (timeless simplicity to remain a favorite), and “professional” (refined functional beauty common to lean professional tools).

Exterior styling employs horizontal lines to reproduce the unique Land Cruiser silhouette, while interior styling has shifted from a high-end, luxury ambiance to the feeling of true off-road functionality. Coupled with a sturdy and stable interior space, horizontal instrument panel, and switch shapes that are clear and easy to operate in a range of driving conditions, styling contributes to improved functionality even on rough roads.

Class-leading advanced safety performance

Latest Toyota Safety Sense package

Toyota Safety Sense, the latest active safety package with advanced and improved functions, is standard on all new Land Cruiser grades. The range of detectable accidents has been expanded even further, enabling enjoyable driving with peace of mind.

3) Land Cruiser 70 overview

The 70 Series is making its return to Japan as a regular model in the range, offering original features that have evolved with the times.

  • 2.8-liter diesel engine and 6-speed automatic transmission to deliver strong driving performance and excellent fuel economy
    Instead of the traditional gasoline-powered engine, the new 70 Series comes with an updated 2.8-liter 1GD turbo diesel engine powertrain that boasts outstanding reliability. It delivers the tough off-road performance only available from a high-torque, high-output diesel engine, while achieving a low-noise, quiet ride and improved fuel economy.
  • Original ladder frame for high durability and reliability, with improved on-road comfort while maintaining outstanding off-road driving performance

Prototype specifications: Length 4,890 mm; Width 1,870 mm; Height 1,920 mm; Wheelbase 2,730 mm
Engine 1GD-FTV Diesel 2.8-liter turbo (Maximum output 150 kW (204 PS) Maximum torque 500 N・m)
Transmission 6 Super ECT

Presentation by Simon Humphries

Good morning, everyone.

The history of Land Cruiser, is a history of Toyota itself.

Let me take you back exactly 72 years, when the Land Cruiser legend was born.

It was the time of Kiichiro Toyoda, founder of Toyota Motor Corporation.

The company was only 14 years old, a disruptive “start-up” in the automotive world.

Corolla and Crown, were still to come, and Toyota was hardly known outside Japan.

Fast forward to today, and Land Cruiser is sold in 170 countries and regions around the world…

Literally, Land Cruiser put Toyota on the map.

Lifelong bonds are often formed in the most demanding of circumstances, and our customers have experienced the extremes of life alongside their Land Cruisers…

From prairies to deserts, from the North to the South poles, it is safe to say, Land Cruiser has seen more sides of life than any other automobile in history.

Mud, ice, sand, salt…

Across the planet there are many perilous roads…

At Toyota, we like to say “the road makes the car”.

With Land Cruiser, “the car makes the road”.

These roads connect communities and enable irreplaceable ways of life.

– In rural Africa, a doctor rushes to a patient through floodwaters.

– In the Australian outback, an elderly woman takes a two-day roundtrip to the nearest town.

– In Antarctica, an observation team works in a minus 45-degree blizzard…

…Indeed, one of the first cars to conquer Antarctica was a Land Cruiser 40 Series.

Moving to one of the hottest places on earth…

the first exports of Land Cruiser were to the Middle East in the mid-1950’s.

Thanks to Saudi Arabian car distributor Abdul Jameel, local folklore now says “Only a Land Cruiser, or a camel, can get you over these dunes”.

But it was here in Japan, in an area only accessible on horseback, that the story began.

In 1951, on the steep volcanic slopes of Mt. Fu ji.
development of the first-generation Land Cruiser, the Toyota BJ, started at the request of the Japan National Police Reserve.

This sounds like the perfect story, but in reality, it didn’t get the job.

But like any good recruit, it set out to prove itself.

and became the first ever vehicle to reach the 6th station of Mt. Fu ji, an altitude of 2,700 m.

This resilience paid off:
it got its first commission as a police patrol car, and its goal in life became clear, to protect livelihoods.

You see before you many examples of Land Cruisers throughout the years.

What unites them is simple:
their ultimate mission is to take you wherever you need to go, and always bring you back.

If a Land Cruiser breaks down, it is not just a matter of inconvenience…
It can become a threat to life itself.

The value of Land Cruiser comes down to one word…


The trust to put my life in your hands.

The Toyota BJ that laid that foundation of trust, has a direct descendant…
the 70 series.

This may be a workhorse, but it has become an icon…
The legend itself.

We received many comments from fans on social media, pleading with us not to let it go…

“Don’t change a thing!”, they said.

Well, we listened…
and today I am pleased to reveal that we committed to updating the 70 to keep that legend alive.

Seeing this refreshed Land Cruiser 70 next to its ancestors, there is no questioning its loyalty to its roots…

It is proud to be raw and utilitarian.

Under the revised bodywork, we made just the updates functionally necessary:

a new, more efficient engine and transmission…
and advanced safety features.

If the 70 is the essence of Land Cruiser…

then the flagship Land Cruiser 300, is the pinnacle.

But today…
I want to talk about what lies between those two worlds…

Today is all about defining the CORE of Land Cruiser.

Land Cruiser has special meaning for our Chairman Akio Toyoda, whose grandfather first introduced the vehicle.

When it came to developing the new core model, his task to us was simple… deceptively simple…

“Genten Kaiki”

Taken literally, this means “Back to the Origin”.

He didn’t go into detail…
it was up to us to work it out.

Our immediate reaction was to look backwards.

Do we reinvent the bare-bones 70 Series?

Do we go retro?

No, that was too obvious…

He was giving us a chance to hit the reset button…

A chance to reassess the real meaning and values of Land Cruiser in Toyota’s portfolio…

And a chance to create a vehicle that distilled those values so they would act as a foothold to the future.

We embraced that chance to define the unwavering core beliefs of Land Cruiser…

and put them into a form that would transcend trends…
a product in which ALL our customers could place their unconditional trust.

When everyone saw our proposal, they were equally unwavering:

“Let’s do it.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the new SOUL of Land Cruiser.

So what do you think?

As a member of the development team, and a long-term Land Cruiser owner myself, it was a dream come true!

We re-assessed every past aspect of Land Cruiser for its relevance and redesigned it ground-up to embody Land Cruiser values for the modern day.

It’s honest.
It’s lean and agile.
It’s fit for purpose.

Let me take you through the five key areas that make this model the true soul of Land Cruiser.

Number one… capability.

At the heart of this is the GA-F platform.

Reliability and durability are built-in, and performance over rough terrain is on par with the flagship Land Cruiser 300.

This capability is now more practical and accessible than ever:

This is the first Land Cruiser to have Electric Power Steering, rather than hydraulic.

This improves ease and comfort on-road, and reduces kickback off-road.

Number 2… choice.

The powertrain lineup reflects diverse regional requirements.

For the first time, this includes a hybrid powertrain, in a Land Cruiser.

This tried-and-tested technology increases fuel efficiency, as well as performance, with no comprise on durability.

It was an extremely difficult task, but has allowed customers, in all corners of the world the chance to participate in the journey toward carbon neutrality.

Number 3… intuitive operation.

Vehicle control is fundamental to building trust between driver and machine.

We designed the cockpit controls to be easy to identify and operate by feel alone.

Here we sought the expertise of Dakar Rally champion Akira Miura, no stranger to driving under pressure in extreme environments.

He told us it’s crucial that the interfaces support the driver, with maximum accuracy, and minimal effort, whatever the conditions.

That brings me to number 4.

Beauty is function.

Every aspect of the design is based on the premise that beauty comes from functionality.

Proportions are calculated for maneuverability in extreme environments:

– The sides are kept slim,

the overhangs short, the corners carefully sculpted.

The low belt line, narrow A pillars and angular structure are designed for visibility and easy, accurate orientation.

Customers also reminded us of the importance of damage mitigation and repairability.

The high-mounted headlights are designed to rise above debris – and long savanna grass.

The segmented front bumper is designed to be easy to repair.

But the objective approach to design and functionality is not the whole story…

Great effort was placed on creating a subjective feeling of trust…

For example, the wheel to body offset imparts a feeling of strength and stability, giving the driver confidence in the capability of the vehicle…

it has to “look” the part.

Everything has a story and a reason…

And finally, number 5

The new Land Cruiser will reach even more people…

That’s right,

Land Cruiser is coming back to America!

So, we went back to the origin and we came out looking towards the future.

This Genten Kaiki journey was a soul-searching exercise in many respects.

As a mobility company, we believe that freedom in motion is a universal right.

One to be en joyed by everyone in the world, wherever they live.

and the Land Cruiser development process reminded us, that in many parts of the world, individual mobility is not a luxury but a lifeline.

Our customers trust in us to keep Land Cruiser relevant and thriving toward the future…

This could mean anything from carbon neutral approaches…

To ensuring that the Land Cruiser brand is more affordable, and within reach of even more people around the world…

or it may even mean exploring new approaches to mobility, that enhance not only the Land Cruiser experience, but also further people’s freedom in motion…

Suffice it to say, there are lots of exciting paths to changing the future of cars.

Kuruma no mirai wo kaete ikou.

Thank you very much.

SOURCE: Toyota

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