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TIER IV and Suzuki form capital and business alliance

Advancing regional mobility with autonomous driving technology

TIER IV, a pioneer in open-source software and autonomous driving technology, and Suzuki, one of Japan’s leading car and motorcycle manufacturers, have entered into a capital and business alliance aimed at accelerating the development and commercialization of autonomous driving technology to enhance regional mobility solutions.

By combining TIER IV’s scalable software platforms with Suzuki’s extensive expertise in manufacturing, rooted in its ethos of “Smaller, Fewer, Lighter, Shorter, and Beauty,” the partnership aims to create innovative mobility services enabled by autonomous driving technology. These services are intended to address the increasing need for more accessible and efficient regional mobility solutions.

TIER IV takes the initiative of spearheading open-source software, Autoware*, to foster the development of autonomous driving technology across the industry. Leveraging Autoware, TIER IV also provides scalable software platforms and a range of solutions with a global network of partners, fueling the rollout of intelligent vehicles that will benefit society as a whole.

Suzuki, faithful to its motto, aims to “Develop products of superior value by focusing on the customer.” This founding tenet drives Suzuki’s efforts to integrate into the fabric of everyday life as an infrastructure-oriented company. In Hamamatsu City, Suzuki is pioneering smart mobility services using autonomous driving technology, specifically targeting regions where traditional public transportation services are diminishing.

Together, TIER IV and Suzuki are committed to accelerating the development of critical autonomous driving technology, aiming to transform regional mobility solutions that cater to the needs of individuals and wider society.

*Autoware is a registered trademark of the Autoware Foundation.

SOURCE: Suzuki

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