The “P” series pickup launched with “super five star” program, accelerating GWM’s globalization

As Chengdu Motor Show 2019 kicked off on September 5, Great Wall “P”series pickup released its "Super Five Star” Program

As Chengdu Motor Show 2019 kicked off on September 5, Great Wall “P”series pickup released its “Super Five Star” Program. Based on the user-oriented principle, the program makes efforts from five aspects of super symbol, super factory, super product, super service and super experience, so as to create a full-scenario pickup life and accelerate the globalization process from every aspect. At the Show, the “P” series pickup was officially launched and the mass-produced “P”series commercial pickup was unveiled simultaneously.

The “Super Five Star” Program accelerated globalization process of Great Wall Motor

The birth of “P”series pickup opens another new chapter of Great Wall Motor’s globalization strategy. As the first global pickup brand from China, “P” series will reshape the global pickup map, aiming at the world’s Top Three. In the future, ”P”series will compete head-on with Toyota, Ford and other international mainstream pickup brands in the global markets, to accelerate the globalization process and achieve the “1-2-3” Strategy, that is, to maintain the absolute 1st place in domestic and export sales; to achieve annual sales of 200,000 units by 2020; and to achieve cumulative global sales of 3 million units by 2025.

At the press conference, Great Wall “P”series upgraded previous plan “One Shot with Three Hits” Program, from previous super product, super service and super experience to the “Super Five Star” Program to create a full-scenario pickup life and accelerate the globalization of Great Wall Motor.

First Star – Super symbol: As a super symbol, the design of the logo “P” is inspired by the power of heaven and earth. It is nebula, and it is backwash…It contains the beauty of natural energy. The super symbol of “P” has three implications, “POWER”, “PEAK” and “PERFECT”, symbolizing the spiritual connotation of “P” and representing the elites who yearn for freedom, dare to challenge, pursue perfection and has distinctive contemporary aspiring life attitudes!

Second Star – Super factory: On August 30th, Great Wall Motor completed Chongqing Smart Factory, the super factory for “P”seires. Great Wall Motors will build Chongqing Factory into a global leading smart factory with the concept of “green, environmental protection, lean and efficient”. Smart factory makes super products. In Yongchuan Factory, advanced technologies are used to produce high-quality products, so as to ensure that every vehicle produced can be delivered to consumers with high quality.

Third Star – Super product: “P”series is more than just a pickup, but also the birth of a new category of multi-purpose vehicle. The “P” series pickup, commercial variant and off-road varient are the three models released in the first phase of the 3-year “5+N” product strategy, embodying the “Five-Centered New Ecology” of car-like, intelligent, connected, customized and clean-fueled, leading the Chinese pickup into the era of 3.0 multi-purpose vehicle.

Fourth Star – Super service: The “P”series relies on more than 2,000 sales and service networks in China, increasing pickup dealer presence worldwide, via the cooperation and sharing space among different industries. With its mobile APP as the platform, it provides users with online and offline integrated exclusive services in synchronization with major online shopping malls and cooperation shopping malls of different industries.

Fifth Star – Super experience: With users as the center, “P”series will create a super experience of full-scenario pickup life, build an open and shared pickup life community – P series Alliance, work with 3rd parties to promote the pickup culture into a new trend, and facilitate pickup to become an attitude and a lifestyle.

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SOURCE: Great Wall Motor