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The new Brand Experience by Lancia starts today

Six months after the opening of the first showroom in Milan, Luca Napolitano, the CEO of the Lancia brand, thanks the first 40 Italian dealers ready with the new Corporate Identity

“The Renaissance of Lancia is moving ahead rapidly, also thanks to the expertise and commitment of our dealer network. Forty Italian dealers have already implemented the new Corporate Identity, an incredible number that as of today covers 13 Italian regions and will grow even further. We start with the new Lancia Corporate Identity, looking at the near future: by September, 50 will be the total number of renewed showrooms, and by the end of this year, they will be 100, with the aim of achieving the full coverage of the network by April 2024. But that’s not all!
A month after the opening of Casa Lancia, the enthusiasm and participation are remarkable, and the percentage of Level 1 certified salesmen is exceptionally high. Today is an important day for Lancia, and I would like to extend a special thanks to all our Italian dealers and salesmen who are the first ambassadors of our Renaissance, working to make Lancia a desirable, respected, and credible brand in the European premium market,” stated Luca Napolitano, CEO of the Lancia brand.

“Today marks another significant milestone in the Renaissance of the Lancia brand, and we are fully aware that we are part of a major transformation, together with our dealers and their sales force. Within our dealerships, we have created dedicated Lancia areas that fully embody the brand’s values, consistent with the new coordinated image. Since the opening of Casa Lancia, we have established an exclusive communication channel where all our 240 salesmen can interact directly with each other and with us. Moreover, the CEO of the Lancia brand, Luca Napolitano, personally replies to their inquiries, nurturing a collaborative and engaging interaction. To build this community of dedicated and certified Lancia salesmen, we prioritized training to enhance skills and a premium-oriented attitude. I am proud to be part of this team and of this ambitious project that will make of Lancia a desirable, respected and credible brand in the premium segment in Europe! We are ready!” stated Raffaele Russo, Managing Director of Lancia Italy.

Six months after the inauguration of the pilot showroom in Milan (Gattamelata), the new Lancia brand’s Corporate Identity has become a reality and is progressing at an increasingly rapid pace, concretely and efficiently, by applying the guidelines defined by the Brand for a coordinated image, both internally and externally: logo, lettering, colors, images, and every other graphic element that can be used. The new Corporate Identity reflects the four pillars underlying the brand’s ten-year strategic plan — quality, electrification, sustainability and an innovative sales model, aiming to provide the customer with a premium shopping experience.

A new Brand Experience, meaning a new experience for the customer, will be increasingly immersive and premium once they step into the dealership, beginning their journey of discovering the world of Lancia. The customer experience starts outside the new dealership, characterized by a clear and harmonious architectural language and the presence of an elegant Italian marble totem. All this is in the name of Italian elegance, which is also recalled inside the dealership: customers are welcomed in a reception area dedicated to Lancia, known as S.A.L.A., where they can find one of the brand’s experts at their service. All the furnishings inside are the result of a careful selection, demonstrating Lancia’s attention to detail and offering an authentic “home feeling”, typical of an Italian home. The use of precious materials and the alternation of light and shade are enhanced by the presence of Cassina furnishings. The collaboration between these two Italian excellences is based on shared values such as Italian identity, innovation, tradition, and respect for the environment.

Therefore, the new Lancia showrooms present themselves as real living rooms, elegant and welcoming lounges, designed for the well-being of those who inhabit them, in perfect Italian style.
The cars are displayed at the center, as if they were magnificent sculptures to be admired in every single detail. The entire environment is enhanced by natural light streaming in through large windows. In this setting, customers can explore the world of Lancia and, always in perfect coherence with the principle of welcoming the customer in a familiar atmosphere, configure the desired car using a tablet with the assistance of a dedicated Lancia expert. The showroom is completed by areas dedicated to the delivery of purchased vehicles and After-Sales services.

In this context of dealership renewal, the inauguration of Casa Lancia took place a month ago, which is the first exclusive communication channel for the 240 dedicated and certified Italian Lancia salesmen: a platform that emphasizes the importance of this community for the brand’s Renaissance and allows all participants to transparently interact directly with the CEO of the brand, with the aim of making the role of the salesmen even more central as the primary interface towards the end customer and ensuring a quality and premium brand experience, both offline and online.

The corporate identity in Italy, in figures

Starting today, every dealership with the new Corporate Identity is called “Casa Lancia” because, like in every Italian home, everything is ready to welcome customers and offer them an experience filled with beauty, design, and Italian identity.

The first 40 Italian dealerships to adopt the brand’s new Corporate Identity are spread across 13 regions. This widespread presence includes over 40% in the North, over 30% in the Central regions, and 25% in the South. As of June 30th, the region with the highest number of renovated showrooms is Piedmont, totaling 8, followed by Sicily, Lombardy, Lazio, and Tuscany. By the end of 2023, the plan is to have 100 dealerships fully renovated.

The roadmap for an efficient and innovative sales network

During the first quarter of 2024, the implementation of the new Corporate Identity will begin outside of Italy, concluding by the middle of the same year, involving approximately 70 dealerships in 70 major European cities.

These exclusive retailers will ensure the perfect combination of digital and physical purchasing methods.

Abroad, the focus will be on the online sales channel, while in Italy, it will vary case by case: customers will have the option to start their customer journey comfortably from home, accessing the configurator, and then continue within the physical showroom with the professional support of dedicated and certified salesmen.

SOURCE: Stellantis

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