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The driving forces for increased quality assurance in the automotive industry

It’s evident that the automotive industry has come a long way since the creation of the first moving assembly line in 1913

It’s evident that the automotive industry has come a long way since the creation of the first moving assembly line in 1913. In today’s age, the advent of connected and self-driven cars has unleashed unheard-of levels of autonomy. While the fast paced nature of connected cars have transformed the way we live and travel, these vehicles require in-depth quality assurance at the software level to verify that they keep up with their suggested functionality levels.

In honor of World Quality Month being celebrated every year around the world in November, we explored why automotive OEMs need a strong testing infrastructure and a top-notch quality management system to successfully engineer the next generation of innovative vehicles.

The lives of drivers and their passengers depend heavily on the motor manufacturers’ expert workmanship, making it critical that safety is given absolute priority in the design, manufacturing and upkeep of vehicles. The increasing challenge for automakers in relation to connected vehicles and self-driving cars, is while OEMs have superior skills in their core areas of mechanical engineering and aerodynamics, they need to turn to external sources for expertise in quality assurance purposes.

As a pioneer in the connected car space, HARMAN has extensive experience in both automotive and software industries to validate and certify standards across the automotive supply chain that helps automakers eliminate avoidable errors throughout the manufacturing process. Most recently, HARMAN revamped our own Quality Management System (QMS) for our automotive customers in order to improve our ability to find and adhere to our processes. This presented our business process owners with a prime opportunity to simplify, asses and reduce the inefficient processes in place by bringing process teams across the business together and have them work to develop a singular process framework that can be scaled across the company.

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