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The best answer for the new energy era: The first model of Dongfeng Motor eπ released.

On November 10, with the "Dongfeng Answer" theme, the Dongfeng intelligent new energy brand SHOW-eπ brand conference was opened in Wuhan.

On November 10, with the “Dongfeng Answer” theme, the Dongfeng intelligent new energy brand SHOW-eπ brand conference was opened in Wuhan. Dongfeng Motor accelerated the layout of the new energy track. It released the new brand concept of eπ and the first model of its Dongfeng eπ to break the situation and fully attack the mainstream middle and senior automobile market.

At the event, Yang Qing, chairman and Party secretary of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., said: Under the perfect planning, research, and development, brand and product layout, we have the confidence, determination, and ability to promote the completion of new energy transformation and upgrading and make due contributions to the development of China’s automobile industry.

You Zheng, a Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., LTD., said: In the new energy era, automotive intelligence is the new track and main battlefield for developing the global automotive industry. At present, Dongfeng Motor has completed the whole industrial chain layout and technology accumulation of new energy, and through the integration of innovative technologies, to create intelligent new vehicles, to bring Dongfeng solutions for the development of intelligent travel, smart transportation, and smart city.

Chen Hao, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, stated that the arrival of the mainstream technology electric brand eπ will inject powerful momentum into Dongfeng Motor’s intelligent new energy track, and, together with MHERO and VOYAH, it will comprehensively demonstrate Dongfeng Motor’s new energy strength across the board.

As the core force of Dongfeng Motor’s new energy transformation, the eπ brand has gathered Dongfeng Motor’s profound expertise in car manufacturing, targeting the large consumer market with a price range of 150,000 to 250,000 RMB. The concept of “technology and innovation,” brings the brand value of “technology, taste, and trust” and an ultimate experience to all the avant-garde explorers of this era.

The branding and logo of eπ are pretty impressive. The “e” represents electricity, energy, exploration, and emotion. “π” stands for the mathematical constant pi, an infinitely long and non-repeating decimal, symbolizing endless exploration. When combined, the minimalist symbols “e” and “π” signify the creation of infinite possibilities for customer travel experiences. The brand logo, resembling “double T,” symbolizes Technology and Transformation, reflecting Dongfeng’s strength and determination in innovating and developing new energy vehicles.

In addition, the eπ brand upholds Dongfeng Motor’s 54-year expertise in car manufacturing and extensive brand assets. Leveraging the group’s technological strength and overall supply chain advantages, the products meet rigorous international quality standards, continuing to earn the trust and praise of over 60 million customers.

From the outset, it aims to be mainstream, and upon entry, it establishes itself as a leader. In the future, the eπ brand will continue to exert efforts to become the “mainstream technology electric brand,” making its core brand value the benchmark for mainstream new energy vehicles and providing the market with the most compelling answers.

eπ adopts the Dongfeng SOA intelligent cockpit, which allows for personalized customization in various scenarios, creating an honestly “a thousand faces for a thousand people” exclusive cabin. It also features the WANOS customized sound system with Chinese panoramic sound and 20 speakers, providing a 7.1.2-channel immersive luxury audio experience. Equipped with a high-performance intelligent driving system, which integrates driving and parking, featuring 32 intelligent perception hardware, it enables high-speed point-to-point intelligent assisted driving and one-key parking in designated areas.

eπ also boasts top-level safety performance, with a robust body structure that leads its class, and has been awarded the “2023 China’s Top Ten Body” certification. It is designed to the latest five-star safety standards to safeguard every step of the journey.

SOURCE: Dongfeng Motor

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