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Tenneco’s CVSAe suspension technology launching in China on new ZEEKR 001 premium electric vehicle

Tenneco's electronic suspension technology (CVSAe) will debut in China on the ZEEKR 001 premium electric shooting brak

Tenneco’s electronic suspension technology (CVSAe) will debut in China on the ZEEKR 001 premium electric shooting brake. ZEEKR is the new pure electric premium brand from Zhejiang Geely Holding Group and will be the first application of CVSAe technology to be manufactured in China for a major Chinese automaker.

Developed by Tenneco’s Advanced Suspension Technology (AST) business unit to deliver increased ride comfort and more dynamic vehicle handling than conventional suspensions, CVSAe technology has been widely adopted by European vehicle manufacturers, with in excess of 20 million units delivered to date for more than 75 passenger vehicle models.

CVSAe technology is one of several electronic suspensions available in the company’s Monroe® Intelligent Suspension portfolio. CVSAe continuously adapts to changing road conditions based on data provided by multiple sensors present in the vehicle, resulting in optimal damping characteristics at all times. An electronic control unit processes sensor inputs and independently adjusts the current input to the electrohydraulic valve within each of the system’s four dampers. Multiple driving modes, from comfort-intensive to sporty, can be configured, enabling drivers to select their preferred mode for maximum enjoyment.

“CVSAe combines an exceptional driving experience with very low power consumption, making it ideal for fully electric and hybrid vehicles,” said Henrik Johansson, vice president and general manager, Tenneco AST. “The ability to control damping force over a wide tuning range is particularly helpful in providing both excellent comfort and robust driving dynamics in electric vehicles.”

In addition to enhancing the driving experience, CVSAe suspension technology can help increase safety through improved driver confidence and control and reduced braking distance in many situations.

Tenneco engineers worked closely with Geely to integrate the CVSAe system’s control software into the new vehicle’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) and tune the suspension to achieve the automaker’s preferred ride and handling characteristics. The CVSAe technology is integrated into the ZEEKR 001CCD damper system.

CVSAe dampers for the new model will be produced in Tenneco’s AST manufacturing facility in Changzhou, China.

SOURCE: Tenneco

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