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Stellantis introduces the offer “Electric As You Go”: the new long-term rental program dedicated to Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) designed to offer breakthrough competitive prices to Stellantis customers

Stellantis introduces “Electric As You Go”: the new competitive long-term rental program dedicated to the BEV world starting from € 110 per month plus a cost of use at 7 cents per kilometer (with 500 kms minimum per month*)

Stellantis introduces “Electric As You Go”: a competitive long-term rental service devoted to the full electric models of the Stellantis Group, designed by the e-Mobility Business Unit, PSA Bank and Opel Bank to provide an affordable driving experience to all customers who choose to drive Stellantis’ BEVs.

With “Electric As You Go”, the first trip will be one towards freedom, simplicity and sustainable driving. With a limited initial down payment and a monthly fee that starts from € 110 only per month plus a cost of per use at 7 cents per kilometer (with 500 kms minimum per month), the customers will be able to choose from a Peugeot e-208 or an Opel Corsa-e, two full electric models which have a WLTP *** driving range of more than 360 km. In addition, based on their needs, customers could also choose a B-SUV such as an Opel Mokka-e.

With the launch of “Electric As You Go”, Stellantis not only takes a step further in promoting a more sustainable mobility with a lower environmental impact, by means of a full BEV dedicated offer. But, more importantly, the Group strongly sets itself at the customer’s side offering a beneficial and affordable solution to access the BEV world. Part of the Dare Forward 2030 long-term strategic plan, customer centricity is at the core of the Stellantis strategy, and it does not only mean best-in-class performance and capabilities – like driving range and charging speed – but, also, innovative services and solutions as well as best-in-class economics to democratize e-mobility.

With this background in mind, this new offer sets itself as a breakthrough project that can really make BEVs more affordable for a wider number of Stellantis customers. The main goal of the program is to offer the opportunity to better adapt the total cost of the vehicle to its real use. It is a long-term rental requiring a competitive down payment and an unbeatable monthly fee, plus a variable cost calculated on the kilometers actually traveled thanks to the connectivity feature embedded in all the Groups’ BEVs.

Inspired by the “Pay-per-Use” trend, increasingly popular with consumers in various sectors, this program offers the possibility to pay for their vehicle only when they are actually using it. Combined with the lower operational cost of BEVs, this initiative results in a breakthrough commercial offer that makes “BEVs for all”. In fact, it really adapts to customers’ needs allowing them to pay according to vehicle use with no mileage limits.

The e–Mobility Business Unit has built this program with the broader goal to propel the Group’s determination in pursuing the Carbon Net Zero target by 2038 that drives the Stellantis long-term strategic plan. Stellantis wants to be champion for climate change mitigation, with an intermediate step of -50% CO2 impact by 2030, always keeping the customers’ needs and expectations at the center of its strategy.

The “Electric As You Go” offer is now available in France on Peugeot e-208, Opel Corsa-e, Opel Mokka-e, and will soon be available on other zero-emission vehicles of the Group and in other European countries.

In France, customers are eligible to the offer when they buy a new BEV and give in return either a diesel vehicle registered before 2011 or a petrol one registered before 2006****. To this extent, this initiative makes it easier for the client to replace an old thermic vehicle with a new BEV, to accelerate a sustainable car park renewal and thus a more sustainable mobility.

(*) Total monthly fee including 500 km: 145€ = 110€ + 35€ (500 km times 0,07 €/km) .
(**) First payment limited after deduction of electrical governmental incentives.
(***) WLTP: World-wide harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure used to measure BEVs’ driving range under specific standard conditions defined by EU law.
(****) The price could differ in other Countries, depending on the incentive plans put in place by the respective local Government.

SOURCE: Stellantis

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