Smart car enthusiasm in China gathers momentum

Xpeng Motors 2019 Smart Car review reveals insights on user behaviors

Smart Car Operation in Review 2019, released by Xpeng Motors today, suggests that the advanced autonomous driving and connectivity functions are one of the most appealing features for electric vehicle purchasers in China. The EV operation and data report, first of its kind released by a car manufacturer in China, revealed that 92% of Xpeng customers prefer the Premium and Smart versions of its G3 smart EV SUV which can perform XPILOT2.5 autonomous driving functions, despite a 25-13% price premium than the Core version without these functions.

An accumulated 85.91 million kilometers has been driven by Xpeng G3 users in 2019, equivalent to 112 times round-trip to the moon. The longest distance driven by a G3 was 610,750 kilometers, equivalent to 1.5 times around the equator, according to data accumulated throughout 2019 by Xpeng Lab.

Voice assistant and ACC most popular among Chinese drivers

The AI-empowered intuitive voice assistant and the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) function are most popular among the Xpeng G3 SUV customers. The G3’s voice assistant was activated 9.379 million times in 2019, or 26,000 times per day, initiating auto navigation over 3.09 million times for G3 users last year.

The ACC function, activated over 3.64 million times in 2019 or 9,960 times per day, by Xpeng car users, has been driven independently for 6.59 million kilometers last year. The Lane Change Control (LCC) function, activated 1.24 million times in 2019 or 4,869 times per day, was driven 4.11 million kilometers independently in 2019.

“We are very encouraged by the growing customer enthusiasm towards features that are more than what a conventional electric vehicle does. The data shows us customers in China are keen to experience a more leisurely style of driving, and see their vehicles more than just a transportation machine to bring them from A to B,” said He Xiaopeng, CEO and Chairman of Xpeng Motors. “We also find customers are less concerned about driving range than they were a year ago, mainly because of the improved battery technologies available in today’s models and charging infrastructure coverage getting more comprehensive each day in China,” he added.

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SOURCE: Xpeng Motors