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Škoda Auto redefines dealership experience with global launch of updated corporate identity

Škoda Auto initiates the global rollout of its new corporate identity across 4,000+ dealerships

Škoda Auto has launched the global rollout of its new corporate identity (CI) across its extensive network of over 4,000 dealerships. The first showrooms featuring the new design are in Vietnam, and in Europe, the first revamped dealership is in Estonia. Additionally, Belgrade, Serbia, welcomed its first City Store completed in the new CI back in October. Meanwhile, a state-of-the-art showroom in Kuwait underlines Škoda Auto’s commitment to delivering a holistic digital customer experience and underscores the brand’s ongoing internationalisation strategy.

“Our new brand identity reflects our journey towards the future of mobility and digitalisation, making it a tangible reality for our customers. We are in the midst of rolling out our most significant CI update in 30 years, starting with our information and communication materials and now extending to our showrooms worldwide. These are crucial in connecting our customers with the Škoda brand, providing a firsthand experience of what Škoda represents.”

Martin Jahn, Škoda Auto Board Member for Sales and Marketing

Vietnam hosts first showroom featuring new brand identity

Customers in Vietnam were the first to view Škoda Auto’s new corporate design in a showroom. Coinciding with the brand’s market entry in the Southeast Asian country on 23 September, dealerships officially opened in Hanoi, Vinh, Buôn Ma Thuột, and Ho Chi Minh City. In collaboration with its local partner, the TC Group, Škoda Auto aims to expand its dealership network to 20 by 2025 and to 30 by 2028.

New brand design debuts at first European dealership in Estonia

The Czech carmaker is also advancing the rollout of its new CI across European showrooms. The first to adopt this new look is the Rohe Auto dealership in Tallinn, Estonia. This will be followed by additional showrooms in Gosselies (a municipality in Charleroi, Belgium), in Hamar, Norway, in Wroclaw, Poland, and in Prague, Czech Republic.

Newly opened Škoda City Store in Serbia

On the heels of the first dealerships, Škoda’s initial City Store with the new CI opened its doors in October at the Galerija Beograd shopping centre in the Serbian capital. Besides showcasing Škoda Auto models, the City Store invites customers to use the space for co-working, enjoy a coffee, or browse Škoda Auto merchandise, including clothing and gifts. Škoda Auto City Stores can also be found in Sofia (Bulgaria), Brussels (Belgium), Valencia (Spain), and Catania (Italy), with plans for more openings in the coming years.

Innovative showroom experience in Kuwait

The recent inauguration of one of Škoda’s largest showrooms in Kuwait emphasises the brand’s dedication to a unified digital customer experience. Also featuring the new CI, this showroom is equipped with an array of digital features, including a video wall, touch table, and digital info stands. Additionally, this development highlights Škoda Auto’s commitment to expanding its presence in the Middle East, in line with its broader internationalisation strategy.

Continued rollout of new brand identity

Following the incorporation of the new design in its information and communication materials, Škoda Auto is consistently implementing the update across its product line-up. The Enyaq L&K was the first model to sport elements of the new brand identity, which was subsequently introduced in the updated Scala and Kamiq models, the latest generation of the Kodiaq in October, and, starting from November, the new Superb.

New CI bridging Škoda’s heritage and the future of individual mobility

Škoda Auto’s updated brand identity blends the brand’s rich tradition with the future of mobility. Its two-dimensional logo reflects a shift towards more digitalised communication, while the use of Emerald and Electric Green symbolises a commitment to ecology and sustainability. These aspects are also evident in the design of each showroom. Notably, the new signs are designed to be compatible with existing ones, making the CI rollout both simpler and more sustainable.


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