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Scania brings world class transport solutions to the Indian market; now announces trial run

Scania, one of the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, has launched a new range of on-road trucks for trial runs in India. Through the launch of these trucks, Scania will continue with its heritage of offering customers world class products and services and being a trusted transportation partner, also for India.

Scania has undertaken extensive research prior to launching these new trucks in India. This is in line with Scania’s strategies to bring in innovative products and services, offering value through lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The Scania truck models – the R 500 6×4, the G 460 6×4, the P 410 6×2 and the P 360 4×2  – are being made available to customers in the Indian on-road haulage segment.

Scania’s foray into the on-road haulage segment of the Indian market is completely customer focused on providing reliable, fuel efficient transport solutions with lesser impact on the environment. This will cater to the needs of diversified and growing segments in India such as long haul container handling, steel, chemical, special bulk transportation and Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC) transportation.

Mr. Nekzad J.Parabia, Director J.H.Parabia (Transport) Pvt. Ltd., Baroda said: “We value this relationship with Scania. Our expectations on the V8 engine truck are not only based on the high torque rating, but also that it should be a better powertrain for tough transportation assignments. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Speaking during the launch, Henrik Fagrenius, Managing Director, Scania Commercial Vehicles India said, “Today is an important milestone for all of us at Scania. We believe that Indian truck buyers will have the benefit of an added choice – trucks with outstanding fuel performance and reliability that offer them value for their investment.”

The Scania R 500 6×4 is a heavy-duty puller, which is rightly called “King of the Road” across the global markets, is powered by its best-in-class 500 horsepower V8 engine, offering a high low-speed torque rating, which is essential for super ODC transportation. With the automated gearchanging system Scania Opticruise, this will be the first of its kind in the Indian market to carry the super Over Dimensional Cargo across the country in the most demanding highway conditions.

The Scania G 460 6×4 heavy duty puller, powered by a 460 hp engine and also equipped with the Scania Opticruise that will help the driver to cruise with ease and comfort. The Scania G 460 offers the higher torque than any competitive 13-litre truck on Indian roads, thereby also redefining the ODC transportation in India.

The Scania P 410 6×2 prime mover, a multi-task master, is the first of its kind in the Indian market with a powerful 410 hp coupled with a liftable tag axle tailored to long haul transport. Scania P 410 promotes efficiency through fuel savings and faster turnaround times, thereby setting new standards in the logistics segment, with a significant shift in Total Cost of Ownership.

The Scania P 360 4×2 prime mover, powered by a 360 hp engine, is a specially engineered truck with high power and torque with rear air suspension that serve the needs of critical and fragile cargo transportation which require safety, lower turnaround time and offers a better solution through Life Cycle cost savings.

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