Sales volume of GWM pickup ranked first in Chile in July

GWM POER was launched in Chile in November 2020

In July, the sales volume of GWM Pickup in Chile reached 983 units, the first place in the pickup market in Chile and a new high! From January to July, the sales volume of GWM Pickup in Chile totaled 4,773, ranking second in the overall market and first in Chinese brands.

GWM POER was launched in Chile in November 2020. For its superior strength, it won Chile’s “Best Pickup of the Year” award within two months since appearing on the market, and achieved continuous breakthroughs. With the advantages of leading product strength and intelligent configuration, GWM POER has promoted the continuous growth of the sales volume of GWM Pickup. After winning the first place in China’s pickup brand in June, it reached a new high in July and won the first place in the overall pickup brands.

Since the GWM POER came to Chile, it has launched test drive activities for major customers to major companies across the country, and gained recognition of industry customers. In April, the bidding orders of major customers of GWM Pickup exceeded 55 for the first time in the Chile market, becoming the first Chinese brand selected by ALD, one of the three major leasing giants in the world. GWM Pickup is working to tackle the more challenging mining industry.

Similarly, Wingle series pickups, relying on strong cost performance and product strength advantages, won the trust of local consumers, formed joint efforts with GWM POER, and made continuous breakthroughs in the expansion of major customers in the industry. The bidding orders of major customers cover the entire agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industry, further promoting the spreading of Chile’s major customer business to the entire economic field.

GWM Pickup brand is also deeply engaged in user operation and continuously improves customer loyalty. From inviting pickup owners to share #GREATMOMENTS, to inviting professional media “Ice and Snow Test Drive” and sponsoring well-known travel adventure programs, GWM Pickup traveled all over Chile from north to south to show its superior performance. Along the way, it gained unanimous recognition and affirmation of the fans.

Sales volume is a sign of consumers’ choice and dependence, and a barometer of brand development trend. In 2021, GWM Pickup continued to thrive in Chile. With the release of the market potential of GWM POER, the sales volume of pickups will increase, and the strategic development goal of “winning in China and going global” of GWM will be firmly implemented, and GWM Pickup will be gradually promoted to become the global pickup leader.


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