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Renault’s market area France evolves to adapt to the current and future market

Effective on January 1, 2013, Renault’s Network Area France (DRF) will split into two entities:

– Network Sales and Quality (DVQR), tasked with coordinating network performance on a daily basis, all activities combined, through Regional Departments. This organizational structure will enable a more global approach to dealerships at each Regional department and tighter coordination through the implementation of Network Management Teams.

– Network Development France (DDRF), responsible for medium- and long-term management strategy, encompassing quality, methods, processes, network development and training in the French network.

The French market is in a structural downturn. It is forecast to contract 13% this year and no improvement is expected in 2013. At the same time, the customer experience is changing, with internet use on the rise, and retail groups are merging into large multi-brand entities.

In response, Market Area France (DCF) is changing its organization system to enhance the daily coordination of network performance (New Vehicles, Used Vehicles, After-Sales and Quality) and to more effectively manage medium-term network strategy (including standards, processes, skills and coverage).

As part of the organizational change, 78 employees will be concerned by professional mobility measures. Renault will manage this mobility within the Group and provide individual support throughout 2013.

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