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Renault publishes first images of upcoming small electric car

Shortly after announcing a new electric model for less than 20,000 euros, Renault revealed the first images of the corresponding study. Although the model was initially labelled "Legend," it is now clear that it is an electric Twingo—with many designs borrowed from the first-generation Twingo.

The prototype now on show has visually nothing in common with the current Twingo generation, which still shares the platform with the discontinued Smart Forfour. Instead, the designers have taken up numerous elements of the first Twingo from the 1990s – from the short, steeply sloping front end, including the air intakes at the top of the passenger side, to the shape of the headlights and the round recessed grips on the door handles. One difference: unlike the first generation, the new Twingo will be a five-door model.

As Renault Germany writes on social media, “after the R5 and R4, a third icon is being revived.” As is well known, Renault plans to launch an all-electric R5 in 2024, while the R4 (the study is still called “4EVER”) will launch in 2025. Renault is also aiming for the same year for the new electric Twingo.

However, there are still no precise details on the technology of the small EV. During the capital market day of Renault’s new electric car division Ampere (where the model was still called “Legend”), the carmaker announced that the two EV platforms CMF-BEV and CMF-EV will be renamed AmpR Small and AmpR Medium – but it did not mention a for explicitly low-cost EVs such as the Twingo E-Tech. Thus, the model may be based on the CMF-BEV/AmpR Small like the R5, but with a cheaper LFP battery. However, this has not been confirmed.

Renault itself has so far only stated that the consumption of the model will be 10 kWh/100km. For the R5, which will be priced at around 25,000 euros, the French company had ruled out using an LFP battery (even in the base model). The restriction does not (yet) apply to the upcoming Twingo, as there has only been one statement about the model so far: it will be built in Europe.

Shortly before the capital market day, Reuters reported, citing insiders, that the vehicle will be built at the Slovenian plant in Novo Mesto. Now that it is clear that this is a new generation of Twingo, this is even more likely. The current Twingo, including the electric variant, already rolls off the production line there.

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