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Renault Pro+, the craftman for professionnals

For over 120 years, Renault has been providing professional customers with innovative solutions and bespoke adaptations that simplify and boost their businesses

For over a century, Renault has been developing commercial vehicles that enhance customers’ day-to-day lives and enable them to boost their business or pursue their interests.

Launched in 2010, the Renault Pro+ label ensures business customers with specific needs are aware of Renault’s full range of commercial vehicle expertise. The experts working at Renault Pro+ centers are capable of customizing vehicles to suit the needs and preferences of all customers, from craftspeople to traders to large companies to individuals with unusual interests.

Renault Pro+ centres, a network of experts with a disruptive approach

When customers call into one of the 600 Renault Pro+ centers worldwide, our experts do not ask them what kind of vehicle they want to buy but rather what kind of people they are.

Learning about customers’ day-to-day activities, interests, needs and work-related constraints is a key step in creating bespoke vehicles that will make their life easier and evolve alongside them. The Renault Business website displays the solutions available for different professions.

Renault Pro+ dealerships are rather unusual insofar as they showcase a variety of converted commercial vehicles that are ready to be taken for a test drive and easily accessible.

This strategy is best explained using the Centre National Renault Pro+ in Rungis as an example. Located south of Paris at the largest wholesale fresh produce market in the world, this dealership serves the needs of Rungis International Market traders and provides them with tailored solutions at times that suit their schedules. It opens its doors at 6 a.m., earlier than any other dealership in France.

What’s more, this Renault Pro+ center is the “flagship” dealership that advises and supports not only its own customers, but also any Renault dealerships where customers require tailored solutions.

This expertise does not just involve products. Renault Pro+ sales and services teams also provide customers with support in relation to finance options, EV charging solution installation and use, suitable alternative mobility solutions in the event of a breakdown, as well as fleet management and optimization.

Renault’s network of certified Pro+ converters also play a key role in delivering unique solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.

Over 350 certified Renault Pro+ converters

Renault’s diverse commercial vehicles make a fantastic starting point for conversions, offering load capacities ranging from 3.8 m3 to 20 m3, van, platform and chassis cab configurations, up to four different vehicle lengths and three different vehicle heights, different engines and drivetrains, as well as various door and window combinations.

Described by specialists as being the easiest range to convert, Renault’s commercial vehicles are specially designed to facilitate adaptations.

The range now includes an all-electric version of each model for more cost-effective, more sustainable and quieter journeys – a major plus given how commercial vehicles are often driven more and for longer distances.

Vehicle configurations can be customized as part of the manufacturing process, as Qstomize workshops have been set up at the end of the production line in all Renault plants.

This flexible in-house facility helps reduce lead times, as well as transport costs and environmental impacts.

Renault also boasts a network of over 350 certified converters. These experts enable the manufacturer to offer a whole host of simple to complex solutions.

This unique model involves working with carefully selected world-class companies that meet stringent business, quality and financial management standards.

Converters who are awarded certification can sign a contract with Renault. While Renault Pro+ certification is valid for a three-year period, Renault’s Quality Department assesses each converter on an annual basis to ensure the manufacturing process is in line with the brand’s recommended practices.

The certification enables converters to offer manufacturer-approved converted vehicles.

Over 93% of certified Renault Pro+ converters are highly satisfied with their relationship with the manufacturer and the tools provided (training courses, events, dedicated advisors, etc.). The Renault Conversion website enables converters to contact Renault and access technical documentation for vehicles.

Specialist behind many unique creations

Largely unknown to the general public, Renault Pro+ is well reputed among professionals and individuals with wild projects. Renault can provide a solution for every need, whether it’s an oven-equipped vehicle for a baker who travels from village to village, a workshop on wheels for a stylist who designs wedding outfits at clients’ homes or a mobile recording studio for up-and-coming French rappers (more details here).

If you look closely enough, you will notice that many converted vehicles you come across in your day-to-day life carry the Renault brand name.

On average, one in every two Renault commercial vehicles has been converted. These vehicles serve various purposes across a wide range of sectors, such as the ambulance service, public works, mobile workshops, animal transport, flatbeds, and shops. Renault Pro+ customers also commonly request dumper trucks, refrigerated trucks, recovery vehicles, large vehicles and vehicles for people with disabilities.

SOURCE: Renault

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