Renault Group: Paris Motor Show 2022: “Hydrogen revolution is on”, HYVIA is on the road, made in France

Just one year after its prototype version unveiled in October 2021, HYVIA presents at Paris Motor show 2022 (October 17-23, Hall 3, Booth 1) the hydrogen-powered Renault Master Van H2-TECH in its production version, made in France and going on the road in Europe

HYVIA is a human, technological and industrial adventure, moving fast since its creation a little over a year ago, facing big challenges. And here we are at Mondial de l’Auto, a major and emblematic international motor show, proud to present the production version of our hydrogen-powered Renault Master Van H2-TECH. Our H2 van is produced in France and HYVIA is based in France. And the vehicle is going on the road in Europe. Two weeks ago, HYVIA has been recognized as one of the 10 confirmed projects in France, part of the Important Project of Common European Interest. Hydrogen revolution is on.

In a context of urgent energy transition, more and more strategic partners are starting test phases with our H2 vehicle. We are also continuing to deploy our H2 ecosystem in our HYVIA plant in Flins, with the ramp-up of our fuel cell assembly and testing line and the ongoing installations of our line for charging stations. Our first electrolyzer is being installed. Congratulations HYVIA team!”

David Holderbach, CEO HYVIA

HYVIA unveils the production version of Master Van H2-TECH going on the road, made in France

  • Main advantages: zero emissions, 5 minutes refueling time and 400 km range.
  • Master Van H2-TECH is a hydrogen-powered large van, with a loading volume of 12m3, adapted to the transport of goods and packages, that meets the needs of professionals for their intensive usages. It is equipped with a 30-kW fuel cell, a 33-kWh battery and tanks containing 6,4 kg of hydrogen (4 tanks of 1.6 kg).
  • And an important asset of the van: a height of 1m80 in the cargo area, allowing to stand inside and to ease organization and delivery of goods and packages.
  • On the booth, Master Van H2-TECH is displayed with a H2 refueling station and a fuel cell prototype, as well as a H2 tanks demonstrator by FORVIA. This demonstrator illustrates the integration of the hydrogen tanks on the vehicle. FORVIA is a strategic partner for HYVIA, also part of the Important Project of Common European Interest.
  • Master Van H2-TECH is made in France: vehicle production at Batilly plant, fuel cell assembly and testing in Flins at HYVIA plant and fuel cell integration at Gretz-Armainvilliers near Paris.
  • 2023 Bookings are now open on HYVIA new website

HYVIA is part of Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) “Hy2Tech”

  • It is a major step for its future development.
  • HYVIA will get support from the French government for the development of several generations of vehicles, and for the growth of its fuel cell plant, inaugurated in March 2022.
  • Being part of this IPCEI will generate partnerships with many other French and European actors.

HYVIA is initiating tests with innovative and valuable partners

  • At Paris Motor Show, HYVIA is announcing additional strategic partners: AIRBUS and Alpine F1 Team, for their logistics needs.
  • At IAA Transportation Hanover in September, HYVIA had announced its first partners for the pilot phase:
    • In France, CHRONOPOST, French leader in express delivery, ENGIE, a global reference in low carbon energy and services, ORANGE, one of the leaders in telecommunications services in France and around the world, as well as EQUANS, world leader in multitechnical services,
    • In Germany, HAMBURGER HAFEN UND LOGISTIK AG, a major European logistics company, PACKETA, a digital platform for e-commerce and solutions for parcel delivery across the world, and MAXIMATOR HYDROGEN GmbH, leading provider and developer of hydrogen refueling stations and H2 technologies.

HYVIA is preparing the future

  • Master City Bus H2-TECH prototype is also on display. It is an urban minibus to carry up to 15 passengers, ideal for businesses, municipalities, and local public services.
    • The distribution network of the minibus is taking shape with partners such as PVI (France), MELLOR (Sweden, Norway and Finland), TRIBUS (Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Luxembourg) and QIBUS (Italy).
    • The first pilot customers: RATP Dev, a major player in passenger transport in Europe, B.E. GREEN, a pioneer in zero-emission bus rental in France, MILLA, a pioneer in autonomous buses in France, and STROOMLIJN, a public transport specialist in Netherlands.
  • Master Chassis Cab H2-TECH prototype is also on site. This version allows great possibilities of tailor-made conversions: projects are progressing, in particular for refrigerated, tipper, bucket or large volume versions.
  • Last but not least, a strategic asset of our ecosystem: after-sales is being set up with the training of pilot dealers in Europe.

And more to come in our HYVIA plant in Flins, near Paris:

  • the ramp-up of the fuel cell assembly and testing line,
  • the on-going H2 station assembly and testing line,
  • and a first 1 MW electrolyzer.

SOURCE: Renault Group

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