Renault Group and its brands at the 2022 Paris Motor Show, the Renaulution in motion

The Renault, Dacia, Alpine and Mobilize brands will be at the 2022 Paris Motor Show with several world firsts, their latest breakthroughs, and their range of products and services, arising from the Renaulution

The Paris Motor Show’s tagline this year is Revolution is on, and Renault, Dacia, Alpine and Mobilize will be there (from 17 to 23 October at Porte de Versailles Hall 6) to show the Renaulution in motion. They will each present at least one exclusive world first (a concept car or show car), the new vehicles in their line-up, and the breakthroughs and partnerships encapsulating their new strategy.

Hyvia, Renault Group’s joint venture with Plug around hydrogen mobility, will also showcase its hydrogen vehicles, including the production Master Van H2-TECH, and examples of its unique H2 ecosystem in Hall 3.

To bring Renault Group’s and its brands’ highlights to everyone, 16 shows will be shot at the stands in partnership with B Smart, a business news channel. These shows are B Smart mainstays and will include a special created for the Motor Show: a Grand Journal starring well-known TV host Michel Denisot. The shows will be broadcast by B Smart (on TV and online) all week, from 8.00 pm to 9.45 pm.

Four show-stopper stands

  • Renault: an adaptive Studiaultfor an icon’s rebirth

At the 2022 Paris Motor Show, Renault will be using the same Renault Studiault stand concept as in 2021 at IAA Munich. This bright and colourful stand has a stage for DJs and musicians to perform live, and can house a variety of attractions including talk shows, video content on mobile screens, old cars and technology demonstrators.

This stand will host a press conference at 8.45 am (Paris time) on 17 October during which Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault and Renault Group, Fabrice Cambolive, COO of Renault, and Gilles Vidal, VP of Renault Brand Design, will unveil a reinterpretation of the iconic Renault 4 for the first time worldwide. The All-new Kangoo E-TECH Electric for families and the Renault 5 Turbo 3E and Hippie Caviar Motel show cars will also be on show for the public for the first time, alongside the models designed to reconquer the C segment: Megane E-TECH Electric, All-new Austral E-TECH Full Hybrid, Arkana E-TECH Full Hybrid and the Scenic Vision concept car. An immersive demonstrator will provide a virtual experience of the driver assistance systems in All-new Austral E-TECH Full Hybrid. Visitors will also catch a glimpse of the digital companion that will improve their experience in an electric vehicle in future Renault model generations.

  • Dacia: a stand mirroring the brand’s values

Dacia’s new visual identity – symbolised by the Dacia Link emblem across the range, a collector’s version Duster Mat Edition and the Manifesto concept car on show for the first time worldwide – will be in the spotlight at the Paris Motor Show, on an entirely new stand embodying the brand’s territory and the values it stands for.

The atmosphere will be open-air like, green and terracotta will dominate and there will be plenty of outdoor flavour activities including a climbing wall for an unprecedented view of the line-up, an immersive sound experience among the rocks, a rope bridge providing a one-of-a-kind bird’s-eye view, a hammock and telescope, and tree-like totems broadcasting video content. This stand is essential but cool, and the choice of natural and recycled materials, among others, is eco-smart.

  • Alpine: the motor sports spirit

Alpine will shine a spotlight on its DNA at the Motor Show with a stand featuring motor sports today and tomorrow: today’s motor sports with the Formula 1 A522 and the all-new A110 R on show for the first time in Europe; tomorrow’s motor sports with the Alpenglow concept car, which will be unveiled at a digital preview on 13 October at 9.00 am and be presented at the show for the first time worldwide, encapsulating Alpine’s vision on its strategy for its cutting-edge products and motor sports. Its stand will reflect a new stage in the brand’s transformation.

  • Mobilize: way beyond automotive

With enlightening workshops, entertaining digital experiences and informative meetings, Mobilize will provide a unique viewpoint on sustainable mobility. Everything at this brand’s stand will be about usage and sharing. The new urban mobility solutions (Mobilize Duo) will be on display side by side with shared mobility solutions (Zity by MobilizeMobilize Share) and Mobilize Limo for ride-hailing services. Very soon, the Mobilize Fast Charge network will treat users to an unrivalled ultrafast charging experience. And, tomorrow, Solo Concept and Ileo Concept will become essential in the energy and mobility landscapes in cities.

SOURCE: Renault Group

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