Pioneer’s approach for telematics service for high efficient global logistics in ASEAN Selected for JETRO “The Program for Strengthening Overseas Supply Chains”

Contributing to improving logistics performance with a logistics planning optimization solution utilizing driving video data

Pioneer Corporation (“Pioneer”, hereafter) has been providing information sharing services utilizing in-car cameras, telematics insurance solutions using drive recorders equipped with communications functionality, and fleet management services for many years. Pioneer also develops solutions for issues in various industries utilizing massive amounts of data collected by these services and solutions, together with data analysis techniques.

On this occasion, Pioneer’s “PoC * of telematics service for high efficient global logistics in ASEAN” has been selected under “The Program for Strengthening Overseas Supply Chains(Type 2: Development for Product/Service Value Chain)” publicly solicited by the Japan External Trade Organization (“JETRO”, hereafter). The Support Project aims to create more resilient supply chains, especially in the Asian region, and to strengthen economic and industrial cooperation between Japan and ASEAN countries, in light of the vulnerabilities in Japanese supply chains made apparent by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pioneer will demonstrate its telematics services in Thailand and the Mekong region, with a view to introducing “logistics planning optimization solutions” that will improve the efficiency of land transportation in the region.

  • *PoC : Proof of Concept

Outline and purpose of demonstration project

Project name PoC of telematics service for high efficient global logistics in ASEAN
Project start period December 2020 (planned)
Areas where demonstration will be conducted Thailand and the Mekong region
Purpose Currently, logistics in the ASEAN region is facing issues in terms of the shortage of data for quantitatively evaluating business conditions and efficiency. In addition to visualizing the state of transportation operations, the “logistics plan optimization solution” developed by Pioneer identifies the causes of differences between delivery plans and actual performance by performing multifaceted data analyses centered around driving video data. Plans are also reviewed automatically according to the state and scale of the identified causes of differences, enabling improvements in the work efficiency of logistics managers and drivers.
Through this demonstration project, Pioneer will quantitatively measure and evaluate land transportation in Thailand and the Mekong region, validate the effectiveness of its solutions in improving logistics performance attributes (such as cargo traceability, on-time performance, and safe operability), and aim to introduce solutions which contribute to increasing the resilience of supply chains in the region.


Looking ahead, Pioneer will continue in its aim to resolve social issues on a global scale by co-creating new solutions produced using driving video data, in collaboration with professionals in various industries, and providing them in their optimal form.

SOURCE: Pioneer