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Piedmont and Turin have a key role to play for Stellantis strategic plan “Dare forward 2030”

Supporting the energy transition in all its Italian industrial sites, in particular in Piedmont and Turin, with the aim of ensuring their sustainability and relevance within the Stellantis family by improving their performance and ensuring to the country a strategic role among the main domestic markets in which the company operates.

Supporting the energy transition in all its Italian industrial sites, in particular in Piedmont and Turin, with the aim of ensuring their sustainability and relevance within the Stellantis family by improving their performance and ensuring to the country a strategic role among the main domestic markets in which the company operates. This is the objective that Stellantis, expressed today in a meeting with the Piedmont Region, the Municipality of Turin and the Industrial Association of Turin, to which the Company reaffirmed the centrality of these historical territories.

The meeting took place inside the Mirafiori complex in Turin, attending Stellantis Chairman John Elkann, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares, Piedmont Region President Alberto Cirio, the Mayor of Turin Stefano Lo Russo and the Chairman of the Industrial Association of Turin Giorgio Marsiaj.

In the current context of multiple crisis in which the automotive industry is behaving, Carlos Tavares underlined the challenges that Stellantis has to tackle to ensure the sustainability of its operations and the necessity to fight against status quo. The permanent improvement of Stellantis performance to make the difference with competitors, requires a joint commitment of all stakeholders, Piedmont region, Turin city, Italian social partners and suppliers to adopt the “winning spirit” and seize the opportunities provided by the strategic plan “Dare Forward 2030”.

Stellantis is committed to Italy, and more specifically in Piedmont region, and the investments to create the “Turin Manufacturing District” being only the first concrete example of these activities already underway with the implementation of an efficient production process capable of integrating different platforms, models and propulsion systems (from endothermic to electric). The new electrified platform dedicated to Maserati will allow building, between 2022 and 2024, the new GranTurismo and GranCabrio but above all the New Quattroporte. In addition, the current life cycle and the future generation of the New Fiat 500, with the full range of electric motors, will have Turin as their only home to serve the world.

The great opportunity of Turin is not only to be a vehicle production hub and the heart of the design of all Stellantis iconic Italian brands, but also to assume the role of an international engineering competence center for electrification that can count on different poles such as, for example, the Battery Hub and Lab, the largest Vehicle-to-Grid plant in the world for bidirectional charging and Solar Power Production Units with solar panels.

For this purpose, Stellantis has started to provide an important training plan to support the transition process underway with the aim of reskilling and upskilling its employees, while continuing its fruitful collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin that led to the creation of a campus of design and sustainable mobility within the Mirafiori area.

The shift to electrification should be seen a way to create the conditions to explore new boundaries, like the recent Termoli Gigafactory announcement or the new ideas that Stellantis is investigating in the field of circular economy, which will require further discussions to build projects together with the Piedmont Region and the Municipality of Turin.

The freedom of movement being a 360° approach to fight against global warming, Carlos Tavares recalled that a substantial commitment of all the actors is required, to ensure its affordability, from cost of energy to incentives supporting the market shift to BEVs. The combination of those actions will make Italy a leader in the energy transition towards an affordable and sustainable mobility.

“Stellantis was born with the courageous and visionary spirit of our founding fathers to seize the great opportunities of the 21st century. Turin, Piedmont and Italy are undissociable from Stellantis and the future of mobility we are building. Which we want to do together with our local partners and stakeholders to be stronger to achieve our purpose in Italy and in the World” said John Elkann, Chairman of Stellantis said John Elkann, Chairman of Stellantis

“I’m very glad about the constructive discussion we had today to create the condition of a sustainable future for Stellantis activities in Piedmont and in Turin within the frame or our strategic plan Dare Forward 2030. In the current chaotic context in which we operate, Winning Together is not only one of Stellantis values, but it is the way we would tackle the opportunities that we have ahead of us, benefitting from the decisive support of the region and the City. We will continue the constructive dialogue with our trade union organizations that has long been undertaken for the transformation of Stellantis into a sustainable mobility tech company, to offer its customers a clean, connected, safe and affordable mobility and achieve zero carbon emissions by 2038” said Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis.

“Precious and fruitful meeting. We have laid the foundations for a work that we will carry out together, making available the resources of the European Regional Development Fund. The Region and Stellantis are today increasingly united in the consolidation of the company’s role in Piedmont and in the relaunch of industrial policies that continue to see Piedmont as the undisputed protagonist of the automotive sector. With European money, the science of our universities and the seriousness of a new clear institutional pact between the Region and the Municipality of Turin, there are the best conditions to work with renewed confidence for our future” said the president of the Piedmont Region Alberto Cirio.

“The City of Turin and its metropolitan area represent an opportunity for development and growth for Stellantis, for the related industries and for the entire manufacturing sector. The manufacturing and technical capacity, the product and process engineering and the strong attitude for innovation also deriving from the close connection with universities and research worlds are truly unique territorial elements capable of creating, in a synergistic and virtuous way, productive and social value by accompanying and in some respects anticipating the industrial and ecological transition underway. The confirmation of the centrality of Piedmont and Turin in this scenario of large investments and the development of the “Turin Manufacturing District” are extremely positive elements that allow us to look to the future with optimism and confidence” underlined the Mayor of Turin, Stefano Lo Russo. “The City wants to be the protagonist of this growth strategy which can also see in the reconfiguration of the current physical spaces, starting with Mirafiori, an extraordinary opportunity. In this sense, we will immediately develop a shared territorial and urban planning that strengthens the industrial development plan. The current unity of purpose among all the actors in the area and the desire to collaborate constructively represent in fact fundamental conditions for the success of this great industrial project which, in terms of scope and broadness, goes far beyond the borders of our city and which responds to the more general need to work together, with determination, to fight against global climate change. The City is there and will do its part” added Lo Russo.

“In today’s meeting we received the assurance that Turin and Piedmont will be a fundamental part of the Stellantis Group’s strategic plan not only from a manufacturing point of view, with the confirmation of Mirafiori’s mission, but also from an engineering standpoint. Turin, in particular, will become the global competence centre for electrification, divided into various poles, which will make use of the excellent engineering skills present in our territory. A fundamental mission, which assigns to our city a leading role in the technological and environmental transition towards sustainable mobility. Our companies are ready to play their role” said Giorgio Marsiaj, Chairman of the Industrial Association of Turin.

SOURCE: Stellantis

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