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PEUGEOT at the Beijing 2020 motor show: new PEUGEOT 508 L “2021”, electric offensive, celebrating the 210th anniversary of the Brand

The PEUGEOT brand is asserting its presence in China with its participation in the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2020 from 26 September to 5 October

The PEUGEOT brand is asserting its presence in China with its participation in the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2020 from 26 September to 5 October (Hall W2). PEUGEOT is revealing the 508 L “2021”, including the Performance 400 THP version with its distinctive design. The brand is also displaying its electrified models: the e-2008 SUV PEUGEOT 100 % electric, the SUV 4008 PHEV 4WD (Rechargeable Hybrid, 4 wheel drive) as well as the 508 L PHEV sedan (Plug-In Hybrid). This complete and electrified range is restating PEUGEOT’s commitment to China, as the brand celebrates its 210th anniversary on the stand with the slogan 2.1.0 Let’s Go!

The new PEUGEOT 508 L “2021” unveiled

Revealed to the public at the Beijing show stand and launched on September 22nd in China, the new PEUGEOT 508 L “2021” has retained the sharp design of the 508 L, with its i-Cockpit ® highlighting its road qualities. It features the “PM2.5” air filtration system in the passenger compartment.

The Performance 400 THP version caps off the PEUGEOT 508 L “2021” range. Its bright black grille contour, 18-inch two-tone wheels and black-painted roof and mirrors enhance its dynamism and elegance. The luxurious interior features red leather seats and a black roof lining as standard. It is equipped with the Telematic 4G vehicle intercom system.

The 508 L “2021” range has five trim levels and three engines, all paired with an automatic transmission: 360 THP (petrol 123 kW AT6), 400 THP (petrol 155 kW ATN8) and PHEV, a plug-in hybrid to be launched at the end of 2020. Its prices range from 159,700 to 224,700 CNY.

The PEUGEOT electrified range on display in Beijing

PEUGEOT is displaying all of its electrified models in Beijing. Since 2020, all new PEUGEOT models launched and produced in China have been based on multi-energy platforms. This strategy provides Chinese customers with the freedom to choose between electrified or internal combustion engines.

The new e-2008 and 2008 SUV PEUGEOTs are based on the CMP (Common Modular Platform) and have 100% electric or petrol engines. They were launched in May 2020 in China and presented for the world premiere in Guangzhou in November 2019.

The new SUV PEUGEOT 4008 PHEV, launched in July 2020 in China, has a rechargeable hybrid engine combining two electric motors and a petrol engine. Its 4-wheel drive transmission makes it suitable for outdoor use. It is based on the EMP2 platform (Efficient modular Platform) and can also come with petrol engines.

The PEUGEOT 508 L “2021” sedan, also based on the EMP2 platform, has a rechargeable hybrid engine and will be launched at the end of 2020.

210 years of PEUGEOT: 2.1.0. Let’s GO!

On September 26th, PEUGEOT celebrated its 210 years of existence. At the Beijing trade fair, the brand is highlighting these 210 years of industrial adventure by displaying the slogan of its international promotional campaign “2.1.0 Let’s GO! “ On this special occasion, PEUGEOT is also proudly showcasing the logo dedicated to this celebration: the emblematic Lion underlined by an arrow and the caption “210 YEARS” or “SINCE 1810”.

“Throughout its 210-year history, the PEUGEOT brand, with its spirit of innovation, has constantly been at the forefront of automotive design and technology, always striving to improve driving pleasure. It has been able to adapt to the changes of its time to rethink the standards of mobility. In the future, DONGFENG PEUGEOT will keep its promise of “Unboring The Future” and deliver our “Feel your heart Beat” offer to Chinese consumers.” said David Guérin, General Manager of DONGFENG PEUGEOT.

From 26 September to 5 October, in Hall W2 of the Beijing Motor Show, DONGFENG PEUGEOT will be displaying the eight models of its range on its 600 m2 stand: the new 508 L “2021” sedan in its PHEV and Performance versions, the e-2008 and 2008 SUVs, the PHEV and combustion SUV 4008, the SUV 5008 as well as the 408 sedan. The sculpture of the Lion in XL size, the brand ambassador, will be lit up in blue and a large immersive screen will provide an emotional element for the visitors.


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