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Perfect use of revolutionary assistance systems from Setra TopClass and ComfortClass: Expert handling training from Omniplus turns coach professionals into experts

The student's desk for innovative assistance systems is the cockpit

The next generation of Setra TopClass and ComfortClass takes bus travel to a new level with revolutionary assistance systems. Expert handling training of the service brand Omniplus from Daimler Buses is recommended so that bus drivers can take advantage of the full potential of Active Drive Assist 2 of the extended Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) and other technical systems in the innovative touring coaches. With it, professionals at the wheel become real experts when it comes to handling high-tech buses.

The student’s desk for innovative assistance systems is the cockpit

The fascinating Active Drive Assist 2 is just one step on the way to automated coach driving. The intelligent fuel-saving Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) cruise control with its driving style adapted to the topography now also has access to country roads in Europe. The electronic parking brake and the 360° camera system complement the systems with their practical functionality. New assistance systems make Setra TopClass and ComfortClass even safer and more economical, comfortable, and user-friendly. If you want to take full advantage of your options, you should take a day off to go back to school. For Omniplus expert handling training, this is preferably the driver’s seat. In practical training, bus drivers get to know all the systems down to the last detail while driving.

Nobody knows the intricacies of the technology better than the manufacturer’s trainers

Nobody knows the intricacies of bus technology better and can explain them more clearly than the manufacturer’s trainers. They have studied the TopClass and ComfortClass models right down to the last bolt. And they were able to make the perfect preparations: Just one year before the world premiere, the three-member core team of Omniplus driver training had already extensively trialed the new touring coaches and their features on highways and country roads.

The trainers benefited from the short distances at Daimler Buses. “Technology is advancing extremely rapidly,” noted Nils Ungericht, trainer and training coordinator as well as head of the recognized Omniplus training center for professional driver training: “We had already received information about the new products at a very early stage and were able to get to know them during the trial phase. And when the first vehicle was parked up and ready to drive, off we went.” The trio also listened carefully to the feedback they got from bus drivers after customer test drives.

The result was highly practice-oriented training. At expert handling training the focus was on driving on the road in real traffic with the new Setra coaches. Ungericht: “Bus drivers require for comfortable, safe and economic driving to train with the assistance systems.”

Practical training with a professional training certificate

Trainers prefer to train shortly after the buses have been handed over. Right after the first trips, when the first questions are cropping up. Training is preferably provided on site with the customer vehicle fleets that the bus drivers operate on a daily basis. However, another form can also be chosen during the handover at the Setra headquarters in Neu-Ulm. From next spring, the trainers will also be out and about when needed with the team’s own TopClass S 516 HDH.

The groups are small and range from sizes of twelve to a maximum of fifteen participants. The trainers also take their time: Whereas the authorities call for a day’s training of seven hours, the sessions with Omniplus won’t end if participants still have questions and issues. The trainers take questions they cannot answer directly on site back with them and provide answers later. They do, after all, enjoy access to the many experts at Daimler Buses involved in development and testing.

In addition to the necessary certificates for professional training complying with the Professional Driver Qualification Act, the result is well-informed and well-trained bus drivers. They can then get the most out of their Mercedes-Benz or Setra buses regarding safety, economy, and comfort for the benefit of passengers, fleets, and themselves.

SOURCE: Daimler Truck

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