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One year on: ‘My Volkswagen’ App has 150,000 downloads

One year ago Volkswagen launched the ‘My Volkswagen’ smartphone app. Since then it has been downloaded by Volkswagen customers at an average rate of 12,500 per month.

My Volkswagen uses a wide variety of functions to connect the customer to their car. It works as a personal companion and guide that helps the customer to get the most from their Volkswagen, and can be accessed either via a smartphone app or online at www.volkswagen.co.uk.

From the moment the customer first visits their local Volkswagen Retailer the advantages of using My Volkswagen become clear. The salesperson can send a personalised digital brochure direct to the customer’s smartphone via the app. The customer can configure their perfect Volkswagen online and save it to the app.

When the customer places their order, they can track its progress from the order form to a completed car that’s ready for them to collect from their nominated Volkswagen Retailer.

My Volkswagen continues to provide a quick and easy-to-use service for the customer after they’ve collected their car, too. Included in the app is a copy of the owners’ manual, roadside assistance information, ‘how-to’ guides and an explanation of the vehicle’s warning light system.

Going a step further, the app interacts between the customer, their car and their nominated Volkswagen Retailer. It will notify the customer when their car requires a service, and will also notify the Retailer. This allows the Retailer to proactively call the customer to make the necessary service booking. More than 10,000 services have already been booked in this way through My Volkswagen.

When the vehicle is being serviced at the Retailer the trained Volkswagen technician will send information about the process to the app. For example, if the technician is conducting an Express Visual Check, any aspects of the car that may require work can be detailed or filmed and then sent directly to the customer’s smartphone. This allows the customer to approve or defer the work in real-time*.

My Volkswagen will save the car’s service history and predict when the next service is likely to be due*. It will also enable the customer to see the history of any MoTs that have been carried out at Volkswagen Retailers.

Proving to be a useful tool that makes Volkswagen ownership as easy as possible, My Volkswagen was downloaded by more than 150,000 of the brand’s customers last year. It continues to be developed in line with customer feedback: version 1.4 is available to download now and enables the customer to see their car’s service history from previous owners.

The free My Volkswagen app is available to download from the App Store and requires iOS 9.0 or later. It’s also available from Google Play for Android devices. And it can be accessed online at www.volkswagen.co.uk.

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