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Officially landing in the Netherlands! VOYAH brand globalization accelerates

The globalization of the VOYAH brand is accelerating, with another entry into Europe

The globalization of the VOYAH brand is accelerating, with another entry into Europe. The Fully Charged Live Europe car exhibition recently kicked off in the Netherlands. VOYAH MOTOR showcased flagship models like VOYAH FREE and VOYAH DREAM, marking the official entry of VOYAH into the Dutch market. The debut of VOYAH DREAM in the Netherlands also coincides with the start of sales.

As one of the world’s leading markets for new energy electric vehicles and battery storage, the Netherlands has been promoting the development of new energy vehicles since 2016. Currently, it is in a period of rapid growth. The friendly environment for new energy vehicles and well-established charging infrastructure provide favorable conditions for promoting new energy vehicles.

At this exhibition, products such as VOYAH FREE and VOYAH DREAM, with their atmospheric and luxurious exterior designs, showcased high-end style and noble texture, attracting numerous media, automotive industry experts, and potential customers to stop and admire.

As the first overseas representative of China’s new national energy team, VOYAH is actively integrating into China’s domestic and international “dual circulation” new development pattern. It deeply cultivates the global automotive market and announced its entry into the European market in February 2022. The brand was introduced in Norway in June, and VOYAH FREE pre-sales were launched. VOYAH FREE began deliveries in December, becoming the fastest among China’s new energy national teams from the domestic market to global expansion.

This year, VOYAH has successively entered countries such as Finland, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Meanwhile, VOYAH DREAM debuted in Europe and started sales, accelerating the pace of overseas product exports.

In exploring the European market, VOYAH MOTOR precisely studies local consumer preferences and driving needs. The company actively integrates into the overseas industrial chain by leveraging a comprehensive service system for overseas users. Close collaboration with local dealers, suppliers, charging facility operators, after-sales service operators, and even automotive manufacturers is established to create a mutually beneficial community. With high-quality products and services, VOYAH aims to provide European users with a comprehensive mobility solution under the banner of a Chinese brand.

In the future, VOYAH will further enter markets such as Germany, France, Italy, and more in Europe, showcasing the upward strength of Chinese brands with excellent product capabilities and warm services to an even broader international audience.

SOURCE: Dongfeng

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