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NSK welcomes visitors to Tokyo Motor Show 2019

Exhibiting exciting new technologies from NSK's ASHITA-MIRAI LAB (Future Research Lab)

NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President & CEO: Toshihiro Uchiyama) will be exhibiting new products and technologies at Tokyo Motor Show from October 24 to November 4, 2019.

NSK Booth Theme

NSK’s wildly popular ASHITA-MIRAI LAB (Future Research Lab) makes a return for a third time, again focusing on how we are creating new motion in society as part of our vision for the future.

It is common for companies to respond to new technologies after the fact, but NSK is dedicated to setting the future in motion, and we strongly pursue future technology to stimulate the progress of society and industry hand-in-hand. Of course, NSK products and technologies are widely used in the rapidly emerging fields of electric vehicles (EV), autonomous driving, and driving-assistance.

At Tokyo Motor Show 2019, our focus is on the electrification of components for driving, steering, and stopping motor vehicles.

NSK is also working toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and will be exhibiting a special clean and renewable energy project aimed at producing electricity from waves on the ocean to power EV. Come see NSK’s booth for a peek at revolutionary mobility and energy technologies that could change the face of society in the near future.

Major Exhibits

Seamless Two-Speed eAxle Concept

NSK technology contributes to the development of smaller, more efficient EV motor systems. NSK’s traction reducer can realize around a 30% reduction in size, enabling EV to hold more battery cells, and thereby travel further without recharging. The two-speed design enables both smooth acceleration and stable high speed driving. NSK’s magnetostrictive torque sensor feeds torque data to the motor to enable “shock-free” gear changing.

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