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Nissan launches Fairlady Z 2024 models in Japan

Models include NISMO and customized edition

Nissan today launched the Fairlady Z NISMO*1 and model year 2024 Fairlady Z*2 in Japan. The Nissan Genuine Accessory Package, which recreates the Fairlady Z Customized Edition exhibited at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 in January, will be released at the end of October.

The new models represent Nissan’s passion to deliver innovation for excitement under its long-term vision, Nissan Ambition 2030.

The Fairlady Z NISMO has been exclusively fine-tuned, with engine output increased to 309 kW (420 PS) from 298 kW (405 PS) and maximum torque increased to 520 N·m (53.0 kgf·m) from 475 N·m (48.4 kgf·m). In addition, transmission shift response and durability have been enhanced to enable more agile gear shifts. Along with enhancing the torsional rigidity of the steering and body, chassis and traction tuning allows the driver to better trace their desired line, while exclusive NISMO brakes help realize full-fledged sports driving. Three drive modes, including NISMO’s exclusive SPORT+ mode, are available to suit the driving scenario.

The front grille, front and rear bumpers, fender moldings, side sill protectors, rear spoiler, and rear LED fog lamps have been developed exclusively for NISMO. With a low center of gravity exuding an extended and carefree sense of speed, downforce has been strengthened and aerodynamic performance increased. The front grille mesh has a honeycomb design with low airflow resistance, which was also used in the 2024 Nissan GT-R. This works with the wind-skimming air guide slope to maximize cooling efficiency. The wheels, newly installed 19-inch forged aluminum painted in glossy black, balance rigidity and weight reduction through a 9-radial spoke design—even with increased rim width.

The interior is based on the Fairlady Z’s simple and sporty interior, with a combination of colors and materials that help the driver better focus while enhancing the sporty driving experience. The Recaro sports seats, designed exclusively for NISMO, combine black perforated Alcantara*3 with leather material for both a non-slip and high-quality texture.

Five body colors are available, including the two-tone Steel Grey/Super Black that is exclusive to NISMO.

In the U.S. market, the vehicle will be sold as the Nissan Z NISMO and will become available this fall.

The Fairlady Z, launched in August 2022, features dynamic driving, sharp response, and a soul-stirring sound driven by advanced technology. The Japan-market 2024 models feature Amazon Alexa*4 across all grades. The new 432 Orange color evokes the Z 432 (S30), and blue has been added as a special interior color for the Version T/ST grade.

Alongside the unveiling of the new model, the Fairlady Z Customized Edition will be launched as a Nissan Genuine Accessory Package. Two packages are available: entry-level recreating the distinctive exterior of the Fairlady Z, including a front bumper with the Fairlady Z emblem, grille, and carbon rear spoiler; full package recreating the model exhibited at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023, including the exclusively designed 19-inch aluminum wheels, exclusively designed emblem, hood decals, and side body stickers.

Vehicle price list

Drivetrain Engine Grade Transmission Price*(yen)
RWD VR30DDTT Fairlady Z 6MT 5,398,800
Fairlady Z Version S 6,245,800
Fairlady Z Version ST 6,657,200
Fairlady Z 9M-ATx 5,398,800
Fairlady Z Version T 5,858,600
Fairlady Z Version ST 6,657,200
Fairlady Z NISMO 9,200,400

*Japan-market recommended retail price (including consumption tax)

*1 Current plans call for the Fairlady Z NISMO to be available only for customers who have an existing order for the Fairlady Z and who wish to transfer their order. (As production units are limited, a draw will be conducted if there are many customer requests to transfer their order to NISMO.) Nissan will consider accepting new orders once a resolution to the extended delivery period issue is in sight.
*2 Nissan has temporarily suspended orders for the Fairlady Z due to extended delivery periods. Nissan will consider accepting new orders once a resolution to the extended delivery period issue is in sight.
*3 Alcantara is a registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A., and refers to the suede-like artificial leather produced by Alcantara S.p.A.
*4 Amazon, Alexa, and their respective logos are the trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

SOURCE: Nissan

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