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Nissan hosts Sustainability Seminar 2023

Industry experts discuss circular economy and DEI

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. hosted this year’s Sustainability Seminar 2023 focusing on two key themes: circular economy and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Industry experts participated in panel discussions that covered key topics and trends.

Guided by its corporate purpose, “driving innovation to enrich people’s lives”, Nissan places sustainability at the center of its business and aims to achieve carbon neutrality across all operations and product lifecycles by 2050.

“We live in a world that requires immediate transformative actions to steer us toward a more sustainable society,” says Nissan chief sustainability officer Joji Tagawa. “To address this pressing crisis, we must all contribute to the solution. Our Sustainability Seminar 2023 is an opportunity for industry-leading experts to share knowledge and experience that will inform what we can do today and how we can plan for a more sustainable future.”

To maximize the value it provides to customers and society, Nissan has adopted the circular economy concept and is developing systems for efficient and sustainable resource use across the entire life cycle. Nissan uses recycled materials and recycles end-of-life vehicles, striving to deliver effective use of resources by planning from the design, purchasing, and manufacturing stages. Furthermore, the company uses a closed-loop recycling system to produce certain vehicle parts. The system helps reduce CO2 emissions, promotes the use of materials that don’t rely on newly mined resources, and reduces factory waste.

Meanwhile, Nissan sees DEI as key for the sustainable growth of the company. Through trainings and seminars on topics such as LGBTQ+, unconscious bias and diversity in leadership, Nissan aims to create a diversity mindset and a more inclusive workplace. With employees representing over 100 nationalities, the company looks to further implement initiatives such as employee resource groups as it takes its DEI efforts to the next stage.

Nissan also announced its intent to champion women and became a signatory of the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs). This shows the company’s commitment to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment.

At the end of July, Nissan issued its first ESG data book, that outlines the company’s priorities, policies, and performance in the critical areas of environmental, social, and governance. Nissan plans to publish its first integrated report by the end of March 2024. Through these publications, Nissan continues to disclose its policies and performance in a transparent, timely manner.

SOURCE: Nissan

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