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Nikola scores big win in hydrogen station regulatory grant funding with an additional $16.3M for a total of $58.2M in the last 30 days

$16.3 million in additional grants and government funding awards to date shows strong progress in hydrogen infrastructure plans, creating an open-network of commercial hydrogen refueling stations

Nikola Corporation, a global leader in zero-emissions transportation and energy supply and infrastructure solutions, via the HYLA brand, today announced an additional $16.3 million has been awarded to Nikola to support seven open-network hydrogen refueling stations.

Nikola has now received $58.2 million in awards granted to support seven hydrogen refueling stations, which includes the recently announced $41.9 million Trade Corridor Enhancement Program (TCEP) grant award, collectively representing six hydrogen refueling stations located along Calif. freight corridors within the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD), San Diego County Air Pollution Control District, and Mojave Desert AQMD.

The recent awards include:

  • EnergIIZE West Sacramento California Energy Commission: $3.3 million
  • Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee: $1.6 million
  • Sacramento Metro AQMD: $7 million
  • South Coast AQMD:  $4.4 million*

*Conditionally awarded pending final approval.

The additional awards build on the strategic partnership with Voltera to develop up to 50 HYLA stations throughout North America over the next five years.

“The California grant awards and government funding demonstrate the strong support for the Nikola hydrogen infrastructure brand HYLA’s mission of establishing a comprehensive zero-emission transportation solution to help fleets achieve climate goals and improve air quality in the most impacted communities. We continue to be grateful for the leadership demonstrated by California agencies in supporting the buildout of a zero-emissions ecosystem,” said Carey Mendes, president, Nikola Energy. “Building an integrated, hydrogen ecosystem to support hydrogen fuel cell electric truck deployment and creating a scalable energy business, is a top priority for us.”

These awards and partnerships serve as key enablers for Nikola’s first-mover zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks, and HYLA’s fueling infrastructure, with plans to create an open-network of commercial hydrogen refueling stations initially in California and eventually throughout North America. To support and achieve this growth, HYLA is also developing a fleet of hydrogen mobile fuelers to provide Hydrogen Flex Fueling (H2F2).

SOURCE: Nikola

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