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Shell Recharge Solutions: How interoperability is providing a more seamless charging experience for UK EV drivers

The UK is making significant strides towards electric vehicle adoption - but limited access to charging infrastructure and a need for multiple charge cards and subscriptions are continuing to pose a key barrier to mass adoption

The UK is making significant strides towards electric vehicle adoption – but limited access to charging infrastructure and a need for multiple charge cards and subscriptions are continuing to pose a key barrier to mass adoption. Increased interoperability alongside a range of government initiatives are proving vital to enhance EV uptake.

The EV industry recently welcomed news that new homes and buildings, including new build supermarkets and workplaces in England, will be required by law to install EV charge points. The move will see up to 145,000 new charge points installed across the country each year.

Further to this, the UK government’s policy that no new diesel or petrol cars are to be sold from 2030, means that the industry is projected to witness a sharp increase in demand for EVs over the coming years. In the UK it’s expected that electric cars will outsell diesel and mild-hybrid diesel by the end of 2022 and globally it’s predicted that by 2030 125+ million EV’s will be on the road.

The industry recognises that to keep up with EV demand, the need to expand upon existing charging infrastructure is crucial. Since 1st January 2021, the number of public charge points in the UK has increased by 37% to over 29,000 and at NewMotion we provide access to nearly a third through our Shell Recharge roaming network. This increased interoperability is essential for open accessibility to the UK’s network of public charge points.

The barriers to overcome

If EV owners – or prospective EV owners – feel they cannot easily access a charge point, this will slow the adoption of EVs. The requirement to use multiple charge cards on-the-go increases range anxiety as it complicates the user experience: drivers cannot be sure they will have access to the correct charge points for their entire trip. These problems are only exacerbated by the fact that a significant number of EV drivers are unable to install a charge point at their home, or access charging at the workplace.

Collaboration is key

In order to improve the driver experience, EV charging infrastructure needs to be prioritised. Collaboration with parties within the broader ecosystem, which includes construction companies and housing associations, plays a vital role in this.

Our roaming partnerships are key to providing EV drivers access to charging, and we are currently partnering with over 20 EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) roaming partners in the UK to provide our users with access to over 10,000 charging connections. This means that drivers can access all of these charge points, simply by using one Shell Recharge charge card and app.

Using the Shell Recharge network EV users will now be able to drive from Newquay in Cornwall to Aberdeen, and with over 1,500 of available charge points being rapid DC chargers, the user experience will only become more reliable and convenient as drivers will be charged and on the road again in an average of just 30 minutes.

Leading in interoperability

Offering our customers access to over 10,000 public charge points in the UK through our roaming partnerships is a major milestone for NewMotion and another step forward for the EV industry. Through this, we are highlighting the importance of interoperability within the industry to enhance customer experience.

Drivers will also have access to a growing network of Shell Recharge rapid and ultra-rapid chargers, enabling drivers to seamlessly recharge their vehicles at convenient locations whilst on-the-go. Following the recent opening of Shell’s first all EV charging Hub, Shell Recharge Fulham Road, Shell has plans to further expand the UK network to include 5,000 ultra-rapid EV charge points on forecourts and in new locations by 2025.

Across Europe, our roaming network now offers access to almost 300,000 charge points, and as we are rebranding to Shell Recharge Solutions we will further enhance our customer offering by providing an integrated charging offer across Europe, the US and Asia. EV stakeholders, such as car manufacturers, fleet operators, corporates and retail partners will be able to find an offer that meets their charging needs across global markets, across every stage of EV adoption, and across the full EV lifecycle, all via one identity.

SOURCE: NewMotion

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