New cabin filter generation Bosch FILTER+pro also works against viruses and mold

Very high air quality inside the vehicle cabin thanks to three well-coordinated filter layers

Very high air quality inside the vehicle cabin thanks to three well-coordinated filter layers

  • Combination of antimicrobial filter layer, activated carbon filter and ultrafine microfiber layer for significantly reduced amount of pollutants inside the vehicle cabin
  • The Bosch cabin filter range meets almost all demands and features a market coverage of 96 percent concerning the European market
  • Bosch recommends: Change cabin filters every 15,000 kilometers or once a year

In spring, as the pollen season begins, the importance of the cabin filter business as part of the workshop business increases. More and more car drivers are well-informed about topics such as fine dust, allergens and viruses. They demand for the best possible air quality inside the cabin. By means of the further developed Bosch FILTER+pro cabin filter, workshops are now able to offer their customers additional health protection for the vehicle occupants. The new cabin filter is the successor of the well-proven Bosch FILTER+ separating allergens and pollen, fine dust, bacteria and harmful gases. In addition, the improved FILTER+pro generation is also highly effective against viruses and mold. By end of 2023, FILTER+pro will completely substitute its predecessor within the Bosch range.

Benefits for health, safety and technical equipment

The three well-coordinated filter layers of FILTER+pro effectively reduce the amount of pollutants inside the cabin. A special antimicrobial layer works against viruses and bacteria. It also prevents the growth of mold and binds both allergens and pollen in the filter fleece. The activated carbon layer neutralizes harmful and foul-smelling gases. Finally, an ultrafine microfiber layer separates more than 98 percent of all fine dust and soot particles. Moreover, the packaging clearly highlights the functions and benefits of the new FILTER+pro for workshop customers.

Besides improved air quality, Bosch cabin filters also provide for clear safety benefits. They reduce the formation of deposits on the windshield, which could result in dazzling effects. In addition, the windows fog up less. They also reduce the risk of allergic reactions – such as sneezing – which could lead to dangerous situations if they occur while driving. Another advantage: The reduction of deposits on the fan and air conditioning system supports their functionality.

Replacing cabin filters in spring prior to the pollen season

To ensure the filter effectiveness, Bosch recommends replacing cabin filters every 15,000 kilometers or at least once a year. Cabin filters should ideally be replaced in spring prior to the pollen and hay fever seasons. For this purpose, Bosch provides a wide range of filters for almost any customer demand reaching from standard filters and activated carbon filters through to FILTER+pro. The Bosch range features a market coverage of 96 percent regarding the European vehicle market. This allows workshops to find a suitable filter for almost all customer vehicles. The installation instructions included help workshops easing the filter replacement.


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