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New Bosch electric-vehicle charging cable for flexible charging at home and on the road

Charging cable comes without bulky control box and with adapter for type-2 and domestic sockets

For drivers of electric and hybrid cars, the problem is a familiar one: they have to keep two different cables in the trunk, depending on whether they are recharging at a domestic 230-volt socket or at a charge spot en route. Moreover, the cable for recharging from the domestic power supply comes with a control box, which is heavy and bulky. The new, Bosch Flexible Charging Cable is suitable for charging both from a domestic socket (if the premises are not equipped with a wallbox charger) and from a charge spot en route. As the control and safety technology is integrated in the charging cable’s connectors, there is no need for an extra control box. This alone reduces the weight of the cable by 40 percent. The flexible charging cable for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles augments the Bosch electromobility portfolio.

Safety technology integrated in the adapter and cable connectors

The adapters for type-2 and domestic sockets means that the three-phase Bosch charging cable can be used flexibly. The technology integrated in the connectors helps make recharging reliable and safe. This ensures there is no overheating during “mode-2” charging from domestic sockets. If the adapter for a domestic socket is removed, the type-2 connectors at both ends of the charging cable can be used for mode-3 charging – from a charge point en route, say. To be able to integrate the control and safety technology into the connectors, Bosch engineers had to significantly reduce the size of the electronic components. Here, they were able to draw on the extensive expertise that Bosch has been continuously building up for many years now. Only in this way was it possible to do away with the unwieldy control box.


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