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More than 5,200 Audi México employees united in climate change solutions

Today, on International Earth Day, the Volkswagen Group is launching its global #Project1Hour campaign to tackle climate change

Today, on International Earth Day, the Volkswagen Group is launching its global #Project1Hour campaign to tackle climate change. In one hour of working time, more than 660,000 employees will be part of this worldwide campaign. In Audi México, more than 400 group leaders, managers and directors will be part of this campaign with their teams to work together, based on workshops, in order to raise awareness about climate change, discuss, propose ideas or projects and personal commitments that contribute to a more sustainable world.

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing the planet. It affects all countries and different lives, making human beings aware of the ecological limits of our planet. In 2015, the Paris Agreement was adopted to address this global problem and a more sustainable future. The objective of this agreement is to keep the global temperature increase below 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels and to limit it to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

To comply with this global agreement, today, on the occasion of Earth Day, the Volkswagen Group is calling on its more than 660,000 employees from its 12 brands worldwide at 118 production sites to raise awareness of climate change through its #Project1Hour campaign. The aim of the campaign is to mobilize its entire workforce worldwide to get involved in climate protection individually and professionally. Audi México is therefore joining the climate action.

The Audi plant in Mexico is committed to contributing to #Project1Hour with initiatives involving more than 5,200 employees at all organizational levels of the company. The entire workforce of the plant will take one hour during working hours to discuss their own contribution to climate protection and CO2 reduction and to develop concrete ideas for achieving the group’s goals.

#Project1Hour consists of several activities for the entire workforce of Audi México. As a first step, awareness of climate change on our planet is raised through a talk by more than 400 group leaders, managers and plant directors. Afterwards, more than 5,200 employees learn about their own contribution to climate change and how they can reduce it by examining their carbon footprint. At the end, the employees contribute to climate protection with ideas and projects that contribute to the reduction of COin the workplace as well as in their private lives.

Niels Bosse, Vice President Human Resources and Organization at Audi Mexico: “Today, on International Earth Day, we are taking action together with our more than 5,200 employees to reduce our carbon footprint by receiving their ideas, projects and commitments to promote a CO2-free lifestyle. #Project1Hour allows us to work together towards a common goal, which is a more sustainable world. The #Project1Hour offers all our employees the opportunity to work together to protect the climate and make a real difference to our planet”.

More than 100 areas of Audi México are part of #Project1Hour, where they will use a web platform to collect suggestions in order to incorporate them into their processes. Through social networks and with #Project1Hour, the Volkswagen Group wants to make a positive impact by promoting the testimonials of its employees.

The ideas and projects generated by Audi México employees during #Project1Hour will form part of a community within the Volkswagen Group as Climate Action Pioneers (CAP). The CAPs are role models in climate protection who are already on the way to a better future. The aim is to have an open door to share, develop and implement ideas and projects to raise awareness and make a change. In these and other ways, Audi Mexico is reaffirming its enormous commitment to caring for the planet.


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