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moovel (becomes REACH NOW) integrates e-scooter from TIER Mobility into its MaaS platform

With its new cooperation with TIER Mobility, moovel (becomes REACH NOW) is adding e-scooters to its multimodal mobility app

moovel Group GmbH (becomes REACH NOW) announces today a cooperation with TIER Mobility. With TIER, moovel complements its mobility service portfolio with e-scooters and offers a further option to go the last mile. With TIER’s integration into the REACH NOW app, users can book and pay for e-scooter rides. TIER can already be used in the fifteen German cities of Berlin, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Heidelberg, Ludwigshafen, Mannheim, Munich, and Münster via the REACH NOW app.

Besides the carsharing services car2go and DriveNow (becomes SHARE NOW), the ride-hailing service FREE NOW (formerly mytaxi), the bikesharing service Nextbike, and in some cities public transport, e-scooters are now also accessible to REACH NOW users. As of now, the service is available in the multimodal app. The REACH NOW app can be used to find and rent the closest TIER e-scooter. When a rental begins, users can ride their scooters on road or cycle paths. After the ride, users can end their rental directly in the app. Users can then use either their mobility budget or a deposited payment option to pay for the e-scooter service.

“The cooperation with TIER is another milestone on our way to a globally leading, open MaaS platform”, says Ulrich Edelmann, Chief Strategy Officer moovel Group GmbH (becomes REACH NOW). “By adding TIER’s e-scooters to our portfolio, we provide a seamless door-to-door mobility experience for our users.”

“With the integration into the REACH NOW App, we are taking the next big step towards linking TIER micromobility with public transport”, adds Lawrence Leuschner, Chief Executive Officer TIER Mobility GmbH.

SOURCE: moovel

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