Mobilize Financial Services creates Mobilize Lease&Co to accelerate its operating lease offer and meet the new mobility needs

Mobilize Financial Services, announces the creation of Mobilize Lease&Co

Mobilize Financial Services, announces the creation of Mobilize Lease&Co. The objective of the subsidiary is to accelerate the deployment of operating lease offers and thus meet the new mobility needs of its customers. Mobilize Lease&Co will develop usage-based solutions that include increasingly flexible leasing offers, as well as fleet management services through vehicle connectivity. Mobilize Lease&Co’s new offers will be progressively extended to several countries in Europe and Latin America, to retail customers, small and medium fleets large accounts as well as mobility operators. Mobilize Lease&Co’s aim is to reach a fleet size of 1 million vehicles by 2030, compared to 350,000 today.

João Leandro, CEO of Mobilize Financial Services said: “With the creation of Mobilize Lease&Co, Mobilize Financial Services joins the Renault Group’s strategy to move from selling vehicles to selling kilometers and supports the sales of our automotive partners. Thanks to Mobilize Lease&Co, its customers will benefit from an all-in-one leasing package with the services that best meet their car usage, whether for a new, a used, a combustion or an electric vehicle.  I would like to thank the Mobilize Financial Services teams for their commitment, thanks to which we have created Mobilize Pay, Mobilize Insurance and Mobilize Lease&Co in just six months. These are three indisputable assets that will enable us to become the brand reference to meet the car-related mobility needs of customers’ new lifestyles, and position Mobilize Financial Services in rapidly growing market sectors.”

Operating lease is a type of leasing offer based on vehicle usage rather than its ownership. Thanks to it, customers benefit from an “all-in-one” offer including the vehicle and all associated services (maintenance, repairs, technical assistance, insurance, etc.). To further increase flexibility and meet every need, in the coming years, customers will be able to access all types of vehicles, new or used, electric or combustion engine, with an offer including all associated services.

The new Mobilize Lease&Co offers will be extended to Europe and Latin America by capitalizing on the group’s current operating lease offers. Today, operating lease represents 350,000 contracts in different countries, which are structured in a specific way for each market. The Mobilize Lease&Co subsidiary will aim to standardize the offers and accelerate their development thanks to the existing synergies between the different markets.

The offers proposed by Mobilize Lease&Co will be available for all types of group customers, whether retail or corporate customers (small and medium fleets,large accounts as well as mobility operators), in France and abroad. They will thus be able to adapt their mobility more regularly while benefiting from the latest vehicles and technologies from the Alliance brands, Renault, Dacia, Alpine and Nissan. Corporate customers will also be able to benefit from a fleet management solution to optimize the management of their vehicle fleets and encourage greener driving among their employees. Retail customers will benefit from increasingly flexible all-inclusive offers (vehicle, warranty extension, maintenance, car insurance, etc.). Thanks to Mobilize Lease&Co’s multi-channel approach, they will be able to subscribe to their offer online if they wish, thanks to the technology and digital expertise of the start-up Bipi, acquired in July 2021 by Mobilize Financial Services. Mobilize Lease&Co will also rely on the Alliance’s dealer networks to promote the offer and maintain the vehicles during their life cycle. This will help to build customer loyalty and optimize the vehicle renewal rate.

A fleet of one million vehicles by 2030

Mobilize Lease&Co’s objective is to benefit from the 80%1 growth of the operating lease market, and to reach a fleet size of 1 million vehicles by 2030, compared to 350,000 by the end of 20222.

To reach this objective, and to meet the growing demand of customers for more flexible offers – in 2030 private leasing will represent 62% of the car financing market in the main European countries, compared to 36% in 20203 – Mobilize Lease&Co is implementing the necessary means to accelerate its offer, with:

  • A common brand for all markets, in Europe and Latin America: Mobilize Lease&Co.
  • Deploying the most advanced technologies in the market to offer highly flexible mobility solutions (such as subscriptions via our subsidiary Bipi) and to provide an omnichannel customer experience, which will make it possible to subscribe to offers directly online and in the Alliance dealer network.
  • Potential partnerships where relevant to accelerate the deployment of Mobilize Lease&Co offer.
  • The creation of a new team, headed by Enrico Rossini. Enrico Rossini has been appointed VP Mobilize Lease&Co and joins the Executive Committee of Mobilize Financial Services. He leads a team of experts in marketing, business development, service pricing, residual value modelling and remarketing, who have been working for several months with various countries to design competitive and accessible offers.

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2Mobilize Financial Services estimation.

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SOURCE: Mobilize

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