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Mitsubishi Corporation, Kaluza, and Miraiz to launch initiative for decarbonising mobility in Japan

Mitsubishi Corporation, Kaluza, and Miraiz to launch initiative for decarbonising mobility in Japan

Mitsubishi Corporation, Kaluza, and Miraiz to launch initiative for decarbonising mobility in Japan

Mitsubishi Corporation (CEO: Takehiko Kakiuchi, “MC”), Kaluza Ltd. (CEO: Scott Neuman, “Kaluza”) and Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Co. (President: Shinya Otani, “Miraiz”) has started a smart charging trial for electric vehicles (EVs) in order to accelerate the development of decarbonisation-focused services for the mobility sector.

Kaluza’s platform is being deployed to optimise when EVs charge at users’ homes so they store cheap and green energy, helping to reduce energy costs for society as a whole while providing a rewarding charging experience for customers. Through the deployment, Kaluza will demonstrate the effectiveness of its technology and benefits of this type of service in the Japanese market.

Based on the results obtained from this trial, the three companies will continue to develop smart services for electric vehicles, helping increase adoption and powering progress towards a decarbonised society.

Kaluza works with a number of leading automotive and energy companies in the UK including OVO Energy, the country’s third largest energy supplier. Kaluza’s platform uses AI to optimise the charging of a variety of distributed energy resources, including electric vehicles, to help customers reduce their energy costs, expand the use of renewable energy, and reduce congestion on power transmission and distribution networks, thereby contributing to the creation of a decarbonised society. Kaluza is also partnering with Mitsubishi Corporation to develop new services for electric vehicle drivers in Japan.

Yasuhiko Okabe, COO of Mitsubishi Corporation’s Utility Retail division, commented:
“In line with our greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and energy transformation investment guidelines set out in October 2021, and as a business involved a diverse array of business including resources and energy, we are committed to fulfilling our responsibility to ensure a stable supply of energy while balancing the common global challenge of achieving a carbon-neutral society.

We look forward to expanding our collaboration with Miraiz and other electric retailers and automakers who support our alliance with Kaluza to provide solutions for the electric vehicles of the future.”

Scott Neuman, CEO of Kaluza commented:
“This new initiative enables energy, transport and advanced software to come together and deliver low-carbon solutions centred around the customer. We are delighted to deploy our smart charging technology in Japan with Mitsubishi Corporation and Mir aiz, and look forward to pioneering new propositions together with a range of auto manufacturers.”

Taro Usui, Manager of Service Platform Development Dept. of Miraiz commented:
“In line with the ‘Zero Emissions Challenge 2050’ announced by the Chubu Electric Power Group on March 23, 2021, we will continue to develop energy management services and other services to support electrification and reduce CO2 emissions.

SOURCE: Mitsubishi Corporation

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