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Miovision selects TomTom to power enhanced traffic signal solutions globally

TomTom’s traffic technology supports Miovision's growing line of traffic signal prediction and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) solutions

TomTom, the location technology specialist, announced it has been selected by Miovision, a global leader in traffic management technologies, to improve their traffic signal analytics and in-vehicle solutions, helping reduce congestion and emissions, and improve public safety.

Miovision enables products like Audi Traffic Light Information, a first-of-its-kind technology that helps drivers identify optimal speeds to avoid red lights. TomTom’s traffic data will enhance Miovision’s solutions with real-time and historical traffic flow information at intersections.

Utilizing TomTom’s enhanced Junction Analytics product, Miovision can precisely determine the number of vehicles passing through an intersection, identify their directions of travel, and predict green light timings with precision. This information is communicated via industry-standard message sets to drivers, giving them the certainty and confidence needed to approach intersections safely. Powered by TomTom’s real-time, fully anonymized traffic data from millions of connected vehicles and devices globally, Miovision has improved the functionality and accuracy of its products.

“As Miovision looks to expand the footprint and scope of our services, we’re excited to partner with TomTom, a global leader in traffic information and analytics,” said Thomas Bauer, General Manager, V2X and Connected Vehicles Strategy and Go-to-Market, Miovision. “Drawing on TomTom’s best-in-class live and historic traffic data, we’re able to significantly reduce data collection times while expanding our global reach. This allows us to better analyze trends and deliver powerful analytics to our customers across the automotive, navigation, food delivery, fleet delivery, and smart city sectors.”

“We’re proud to be the chosen partner for Miovision, the leading provider of connected vehicle and traffic signal technologies,” said Ralf-Peter Schäfer, Vice President for Traffic & Travel Information, TomTom. “By combining our industry-leading traffic analytics products with their intelligent traffic solutions, we empower drivers to make more informed decisions, paving the way for smarter, safer, and more efficient road networks.”


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