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Meredot groundbreaking wireless fast charger for micromobility handles double the e-scooters as wired charging stations. It increases vehicle availability, saves costs for operators, reduces CO2 emissions

Meredot, a leading global developer and manufacturer of fast wireless chargers for e-scooters and micro mobility, today unveiled its first commercial Wireless Charger

Meredot, a leading global developer and manufacturer of fast wireless chargers for e-scooters and micro mobility, today unveiled its first commercial Wireless Charger. The Wireless Charger is a physical pad made of special materials that can be placed either above or below the ground. It is compatible with e-scooters, e-bikes and potentially other types of EVs of all popular brands such as Bird, Lime, Bolt, Xiaomi etc. Wireless Charger charges vehicles wirelessly and over-the-air, removing the need for manually plugging them in and out or swapping batteries. The charging process starts automatically when a vehicle equipped with a receiver parks over a ground pad, no precise parking is needed. Wireless Charger is purchase-ready and was developed in just six months since Meredot built its first lab prototype.

Meredot’s innovative Wireless Charger for e-scooters is based on the company’s extensive research of the novel “clarified calculation” method and control strategies. The device enables a shared power system aimed at reducing e-scooter operators’ capital investment while maintaining high charger availability and power output to e-scooters.

Meredot helps fleet operators keep batteries continuously charged whenever e-scooters are parked over a Wireless Charger, and to rebalance the fleet in a timely manner, which significantly cuts costs on collecting, recharging and fleet deployment. This, in turn, helps cities thrive by resolving efficiency, environmental and safety issues while maximizing the benefits of today’s and future micromobility. 

“Today, one of the industry’s biggest challenges is finding a way to increase the capacity of very limited parking space without making riders wait longer for their vehicles to charge. Now, Meredot’s customers are able to generate higher revenue by fitting more e-scooters in the same charging space,” said Roman Bysko, CEO and Co-Founder of Meredot. “The Meredot Wireless Charger delivers a new, distributed architecture that helps achieve greater site capital efficiency and scalability, saving energy and costs. The Meredot Wireless Charger can become an infrastructural foundation to a new micromobility charging experience benefitting both operators and riders.” 

The Meredot Wireless Charger is the first charging system of its kind built with the use of magnetic architecture. The device leverages Meredot’s modular design, and lets fleet operators choose any park-and-charge locations regardless of geography, weather conditions, temperature drop, humidity, and more. The modular construction of Wireless Chargers makes them faster and easier to service and scale compared to non-modular systems.  

“Critical to Meredot’s pilot success, our first customers, City Zone in Israel and Z Move in Italy, provided valuable real-time insights into the features they needed to optimize their business, headlined by the benefits of wireless charging,” said Roman Bysko. 

Meredot’s Wireless Charger is reigniting the micromobility revolution with positive disruption, letting fleet operators truly grow and scale their infrastructure. It delivers a system that eliminates the pain points of wired charging with a technology that is simultaneously advanced and very simple to use and operate.  

The Meredot’s unique technology transmits power across the system charging 50% more e-scooters on the same surface compared to traditional cable charging systems. It can lead to up to tens of thousands of dollars in savings for small charging sites and hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for large charging sites. 

“Wireless charging has arrived, bringing new excitement and enthusiasm for the e-mobility industry. With transportation moving from fossil fuels to electricity – and now to wireless electricity – it’s clear that cable charging is becoming obsolete,” said Roman Bysko. “With European Commission and European Innovation Council recognition for its economic and sustainable technology approach, Meredot has become a leader in the fast wireless charging industry. As our global market share grows with the release and installation of our Wireless Chargers worldwide, we intend to become the world’s premiere fast wireless charging provider.” 

A Wireless Charging station can be placed above the asphalt or completely hidden below it while enabling e-scooter charging at the same speed as with wired chargers. The efficiency of the wireless charging system over a 150-mm ground clearance is 90%. 

Unique features of Meredot technology:

  • Positioning freedom: e-scooters do not have to be parked precisely on a Wireless Charger. Charging starts automatically regardless of the angle the vehicle is placed at, and in a 10-15cm range.
  • A fit for every model: each pad is interoperable with every e-scooter model, regardless of road clearance. 
  • Transmission through materials: Meredot Wireless Charger can be installed on the ground surface or below it. Asphalt, cement, snow, rain or ice don’t impact power transfer.
  • Smart and safe: features like FOD (Foreign Object Detection), LOD (Live Object Detection) and PD (Position Detection) offer advanced protection and ease of use.
  • Fits all standards: The charging station can be adapted through the replacement of the unit (internally) for regional electricity requirements and standards.

SOURCE: Meredot

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