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Mercedes-Benz all-electric car sales up 66% in Q3, strong Mercedes-Maybach performance

Overall sales: Mercedes-Benz Cars Q3 sales reach 510,600 units (-4%) in volatile markets; and rise 2% in the January to September period

Mercedes-Benz Cars sales reached 510,600 units (-4%) in the third quarter, a solid performance in a volatile market. Volumes were impacted by a model changeover for the E-Class and a supply-chain bottleneck which constrained availability of the GLC. Sales of the Mercedes-Maybach rose by 26% during the same period. The transformation of Mercedes-Benz continues with hybrid and electric vehicles now accounting for 20% of overall sales and battery electric car (BEV) sales up 66% in the quarter. In the first nine months of the year, Mercedes-Benz Passenger Car battery-electric vehicle sales almost doubled (+97%) and Top-End vehicle sales rose 6%. Total sales reached 1,529,800 units (+2%) in the three quarters ending September, in line with the Mercedes-Benz Cars full-year guidance of keeping sales at the prior-year level.

“Customers continue to desire our products even in a volatile market environment, with Top-End vehicles proving popular also in the all-electric segment particularly with the EQS SUV. At the same time, we are preparing to set new benchmarks also in other segments. At the IAA in Munich, we unveiled the new Concept CLA Class and gave a first impression of how we will elevate the electric experience for our customers to a new level.”
Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing and Sales

Sales of Mercedes-Benz Cars battery electric vehicles (BEV) reached 61,600 units (+66%) in the third quarter, boosted by the EQA (+108%) and EQB (+96%) models, which remain strong sellers even ahead of their mid-lifecycle upgrades. The EQS and EQS SUV models continue to lead the electric luxury segment, with 26,300 (+53%) units sold year-to-date. Sales of the electric smart reached 3,900 units (+107%) in Q3. Including plug-in hybrids, xEV sales at Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars increased by 19% to 98,400 units in the third quarter resulting in more than 1 million Mercedes-Benz electric and hybrid vehicles on the road. The company continues to expand charging options for its customers worldwide, installing its first own high-power charging stations this fall and by joining a new charging network joint venture across North America starting in 2024.


Sales in the Top-End segment reached 246,500 units (+6%) in the first nine months of the year and 69,900 units in Q3 (-11%). Mercedes-AMG sales were impacted by model changeovers, in particular of the GLC. Mercedes-AMG BEV sales rose by 51% in the third quarter.

The G-Class once again proved its unique positioning in the market with Q3 sales up by 11% even ahead of a model makeover in 2024, Mercedes-Maybach sales were up by 26% to 6,600 units during the same period. Sales of the GLS SUV increased by 3% to 13,300 units in Q3 and the all-electric EQS SUV more than doubled sales to 3,700 units (+162%).

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is still outpacing its competitors with a growth of 9% in the third quarter in China, reaching a dominating market share of more than 50% in its segment. Worldwide, S-Class sales reached 16.900 units in Q3 (-18%).

Mercedes-Benz continues to lay the foundations for expanding the market for Top-End vehicles also in an electric era, with the Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV, and by focusing on excellent customer service. A survey of customer experience satisfaction among New Energy Vehicle (NEV) customers in China, which was conducted by the Chinese arm of JD Power, showed that Mercedes-Benz ranked #1 among all brands.


Q3 sales in the Core segment reached 290,200 units (-1%) underpinned by the C-Class, which saw sales of 82,000 units (+6%) between July and September and reached 241,700 units (+11%) in the first nine months of the year. Sales of the E-Class increased by +3% to 75,200 units in the third quarter, ahead of a model changeover which will see a new generation of the E-Class hit European showrooms this autumn. Demand for the new GLC continues to outstrip supply. Sales during the quarter were down 17% to 81,500 units as production was impacted by a supplier bottleneck.


Sales in the Entry segment reached 150,500 units (-5%) as the A-Class and B-Class models received a mid-lifecycle makeover. Thanks to strong sales of electric vehicles, the BEV-share of third-quarter sales in the entry segment reached 23%. Sales of GLA and GLB reached 26,800 (-15%) and 36,300 units (-9%) respectively, impacted by part shortages.

Sales by regions and markets

Sales of Mercedes-Benz Cars developed with regional differences in the third quarter.

In Europe Q3 sales increased by 12% to 164,200 units and reached 485,200 units (+8%) in the nine-month period. Main driver in Europe was the new GLC with 25,300 units (+104%) in Q3. Sales in Germany remain strong with an increase of 11% in Q3 to 53,800 units and a plus of 18% to 172,900 units in the first three quarters of 2023. Battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales in Germany doubled to 11,200 units (+100%) in Q3 driven by strong EQA sales (+258%). Furthermore, sales of the C-Class (+41%) and the new GLC (+87%) contributed to the positive development in the third quarter in Germany. Furthermore, the UK achieved a strong sales result with 23,100 units (+23%) in Q3.

Sales in Asia were on the same level year-to-date September, reaching 736,300 units (+0%). In China, the G-Class and Mercedes-Maybach set new records in Q3 with sales up by 35% and 30% respectively. Additionally, the S-Class achieved a new all-time best in Q3 in China with 9,400 units (+9%) sold. Further sales growth in China was limited by model changes of Mercedes-AMG and parts availability for GLC and entry-level vehicles. Sales in Korea increased by 16% to 19,700 units pushed by strong sales of the Core segment (+51%), especially C- and E-Class plus the all-electric EQE and EQE SUV. In Japan, sales were up by 3% to 11,600 units driven by strong Top-End sales (+37%). Sales in India increased by 9%.

In North America sales reached 248,800 units end of September (-3%). Battery electric vehicles (BEV) sales in the United States more than doubled in Q3 to 10,000 units (+137%), reaching 33,800 units (+315%) year-to-date. Main driver has been the EQE SUV and EQS SUV which accounted for almost half of BEV sales end of September. Top-End sales in the U.S. stayed on record level year-to-date reaching 72,400 units (+20%) driven by Mercedes-AMG (+32%), the G-Class (+61%) and Mercedes-Maybach (+171%). Overall Q3 sales were influenced by model changes of Mercedes-AMG derivatives and parts availability for the GLC.

Sales overview

 Q3 2023Q3 2022Change in %YTD 2023YTD


Change in %
Mercedes-Benz Cars 510,600 530,400-4%1,529,8001,504,500+2%

– thereof Mercedes-Benz BEVs

 61,60037,100+66% 174,500 95,700+82%

– thereof Mercedes-Benz P.C. BEVs

 57,700 35,200+64% 160,300 81,600+97%

– thereof smart BEVs

 3,900 1,900+107% 14,200 14,100+0%
Mercedes-Benz Cars sales by segments*
Top-End 69,900 78,800-11% 246,500 232,400+6%
Core 290,200 293,300-1% 815,300 846,100-4%
Entry 150,500 158,300-5% 468,000 426,100+10%
Mercedes-Benz Cars sales by regions and markets
Europe** 164,200 146,100+12% 485,200 447,400+8%

– thereof Germany

 53,800 48,400+11% 172,900 146,000+18%
Asia 249,400 277,300-10% 736,300 734,200+0%

– thereof China

 196,000 222,600-12% 570,600 573,300+0%
North America*** 74,900 86,200-13% 248,800 256,700-3%

– thereof U.S.

 64,000 74,900-15% 216,700 222,900-3%
Rest of World 22,000 20,700+6% 59,500 66,300-10%

* Top-End: Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach, G-Class, S-Class, GLS, EQS and EQS SUV
* Core: All derivatives from C- and E-Class, incl. EQC, EQE and EQE SUV
* Entry: All derivatives from A- and B-Class incl. EQA, EQB and smart
** Europe: European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway
*** North America: USA, Canada and Mexico

All figures rounded.

Preliminary figures subject to change pending final reports.

SOURCE: Mercedes-Benz

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