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MAN Truck & Bus UK showcases the future of Decarbonised Transport – enter the New MAN eTGX and eTGS

Man Truck & Bus promises daily ranges up to 800 km in their upcoming products

  • High charging power with MCS (750 kW) and CCS (375 kW) standards with variable positioning of the CCS charging port
  • Battery technology developed by MAN specifically for commercial vehicles, made in Germany
  • Modularly positionable battery packs for optimum deployment flexibility and buildability
  • Modular battery concept offers up to 2.4 tons of payload variance depending on transport task and range requirements
  • Numerous tractor and chassis variants, also with very short wheelbases from 3,750 mm for all common trailer and body combinations
  • MAN eMobility Consulting from fleet consulting to charging infrastructure development to digital tools for deployment analysis and route planning based on many years of expertise with the eBus and the eVan

MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd is delighted to introduce the New TGX 4×2 eTruck to the United Kingdom. Originally launched in 2022, at the International IAA Show in Hannover, the MAN eTGX eTruck is now in production, available for customers to order and ready to hit the UK roads.

Marking a milestone in the decarbonisation of freight transport and MAN Truck & Bus corporate history, the first MAN heavy-duty electric truck went on sale in October 2023. The successful market launch and high customer demand saw 700 vehicle orders placed in just three months.

Delivering daily ranges of up to 800 kilometres, with the ability to specify the number of batteries installed within the vehicle, the new MAN eTGX is competition for conventional tractors when it comes to long-distance transport. With a charging capacity of up to 750 kW the MAN eTGX tractor provides the perfect balance for operators.

At the IFAT 2024 Show, held in Munich in mid-May, MAN Truck & Bus premiered the New eTGX and eTGS rigid range and in doing so significantly expanded the eTruck portfolio for individual customers. The number of configurable MAN eTruck variants has risen to over one million thus ensuring the new chassis versions of the eTGX and eTGS can be highly customised with a variety of wheelbases, cab versions, engine performance classes, battery combinations, charging connection positions and numerous other industry-typical features.

The Heart of the MAN eTGX and eTGS: The Battery

The use of an emission-free truck driveline depends entirely on one thing: the battery. This is why the batteries installed in the new MAN eTGX and eTGS were specifically designed at the MAN facility in Nuremberg. Because of this, the expertise in one of the most vital technical components of the MAN eTruck range is retained in-house.

Characterised by a high degree of customisation and battery configuration options, the New eTGX tractor and eTGS rigids offer operators choices in terms of range, payload and charging time. Depending on the vehicle’s purpose various battery capacities are available, ensuring daily ranges of up to 800 kilometres.

Battery configuration on the New MAN eTGX 4×2 tractor and eTGS rigids can include:

  • 6 battery packs delivering a battery capacity of 480 kWh and a range of 400 km on a single charge. This option delivers maximum range for long-haul transport.
  • 5 battery packs delivering a battery capacity of 400 kWh and a range of 325 km on a single charge. This option offers a compromise between payload and range in long-haul or distribution transport.
  •  4 battery packs delivering a battery capacity of 320 kWh and a range of 260 km on a single charge. This option is ideally suited to meet the needs of typical average mileage in distribution transport operations.

When looking at the rigid MAN eTGS MAN can offer all of the above battery options and a 3 battery pack solution that offers 240 kWh battery capacity and a range of 195 km, this offering maximises payload in distribution transport with a shorter route range.

Depending on the purpose and specification of the individual vehicle, with a 45-minute charge, daily ranges of up to 800 kilometres are achievable.

Optimal adaptability for custom builds

Together with the payload and body-friendly positioning of the drive motor, the modular battery concept of the MAN eTGX and eTGS offers a high degree of variability for a wide range of applications. In addition, eTGX tractor wheelbases, from 3.75 metres, allows the tractor unit to be combined with all common trailer variants within the permissible overall length regulations.

The New MAN eTGX and eTGS, 18 to 28-tonne rigid chassis, in both 4×2 and 6×2 format, with their three, four, five, or six battery pack configurations, offer nine different wheelbases, six cab variants, steered and non-steered trailing axles, leaf, air and full air suspension, individual driving programs specially adapted to the respective application and numerous other industry-typical features. Their flexible chassis space offers a robust mounting point for a range of body applications.

360-degree eMobility Consulting

Even before purchasing a new eTruck, MAN supports customers with its 360-degree eMobility Consulting service. In addition to advice on the most suitable vehicle, this also includes consideration of customer-specific operating conditions, including cost optimisation, route analysis, fleet optimisation and, building on this, the necessary advice on charging infrastructure. Additional support is provided by digital tools such as the new MAN eReadyCheck, which customers can use to check how their delivery routes can be driven purely electrically, or the MAN eManager, which fleet managers can use to keep an eye on the charging status of all trucks in the fleet at all times.

MAN also has its own charging infrastructure offering for customers in its portfolio through partnerships with charging infrastructure manufacturers such as ABB, Heliox and SBRS. Furthermore, MAN offers service contracts and financing solutions for the new MAN eTrucks that are specially tailored to electromobility.

Presented at HORIBA MIRA – MAN TGX 18.449 4×2 BL SA EB Electric 4×2 Tractor

This futuristic 4×2 tractor offers customers and operators a 42000 kg Gross Combination Weight (GCW) solution that promises to drive down emissions. Driven by a Permanently excited synchronous motor, that delivers power outputs of 330 kW (449 PS) and 1150 Nm of torque, housed on the chassis are 6 x 80 kWh (480 kWh) batteries that power a Central drive unit and a 4 Speed MAN TipMatic® automated transmission, which in turn drives the rear axle.

Charging Capacity is set at 375 kW DC and for ease of use, it features CCS charging connection points to both the left and right front sides. This 4×2’s wheelbase measures 3750 mm, and it boasts a 9000 kg front axle and an 11500 kg rear axle.

Sitting on top of the chassis is the range-topping flagship GX High roof sleeper cab. Once seated comfortably the driver is cosseted by a myriad of creature comforts, including MAN Professional Navigation Media System with 12.3 inch display, MAN Advanced sound system with subwoofer, MAN SmartSelect infotainment control with touchpad and direct access buttons, Smartphone integration, 12.3 inch Professional instrumentation, Fully retractable under bunk fridge, Multifunction leather steering wheel, Comfort driver’s seat with air suspension, lumbar support and shoulder adjustment, Climatronic air conditioning, Bunk with 110 mm comfort mattress, Driver’s airbag and 230V Sockets.

This vehicle also comes with MAN’s OptiView mirror-replacement system, Comfort cab mounts, Aero package, Sunshade, Automatic wipers with rain sensor, LED light technology, Driving light control featuring automatic light sensors and Compressed air horns.

To help ensure the comfort and safety of the driver this eTGX eTruck comes specified with the following Driver Assistance systems: Adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go function, Digital axle load display for both the truck and the trailer, Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS), Tyre pressure monitoring system, MAN CruiseAssist, Lane change collision avoidance assistant with Turn Assist, Front Detection and MAN’s Reversing motion system.

MAN Truck & Bus UK – Setting industry Firsts

Driven on UK soil for the first time, by both Customers and members of the Press, MAN Truck & Bus UK teamed up with Sunswap showcasing an all-electric tractor unit in combination with a purpose-built battery and solar-powered refrigerated Sunswap trailer. With solar panels incorporated in the trailer’s roof and a battery pack mounted on the trailer’s headboard, this fossil-fuel-free combination demonstrates what zero-emission road transport can look like.

SOURCE: Man Truck & Bus

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