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MAN to supply eTrucks to Duvenbeck for Volkswagen Group Logistics from 2024 onwards

The international logistics service provider Duvenbeck has signed a letter of intent with MAN Truck & Bus for the use of 120 MAN eTrucks to be delivered by 2026

The international logistics service provider Duvenbeck has signed a letter of intent with MAN Truck & Bus for the use of 120 MAN eTrucks to be delivered by 2026. The all-electric 40-tonne truck is ideally suited to automotive logistics due to its low fifth-wheel height (lowliner) and will be the first electric truck to run for Volkswagen Group Logistics from 2024. Volkswagen Group Logistics welcomes the ramp-up of electric mobility in freight transport with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions in land transport.

On the road to zero-emission logistics, companies and organisations are needed to lead the way. One of these companies is the logistics service provider Duvenbeck, which recently signed a letter of intent (LOI) with MAN Truck & Bus. The content of this agreement is the operation of 120 MAN eTrucks by 2026, making the transport company based in Bocholt one of the first customers to receive the new MAN electric truck from 2024. Among other things, these are ultra semitrailer tractors with a low fifth-wheel height, which allows an interior height of three metres in the trailer. These volume semi-trailers are frequently used in automotive logistics in particular.

“We are very pleased about the confidence of our long-standing partner Duvenbeck in our battery-electric trucks. On the one hand, the Zero Emission Vehicles reduce the direct CO2 footprint of our customers, but at the same time they also help to make the logistics of our customers’ customers more climate-friendly. The example of Volkswagen Group Logistics shows: Helping to shape the drive revolution in freight transport is the task of everyone involved,” says Friedrich Baumann, Executive Board Member for Sales and Customer Service at MAN Truck & Bus.

The MAN eTrucks can initially be charged with a maximum of 375 kW (CCS 2 charging standard). In the future, MAN will rely on what is known as megawatt charging, in which charging capacities of up to one megawatt will be possible. Quiet and powerful propulsion is provided by the permanently excited synchronous motor, which delivers an output of 330 kW. A central motor-gearbox combination with four gears translates the power to the drive axle.

“We are pleased to be taking an important step towards further CO2 savings together with MAN and Volkswagen. In doing so, we are advancing our innovative technical capabilities and hope for a rapid expansion of the public charging infrastructure,” says Christian Schweckhorst, CEO Duvenbeck.

Volkswagen Group Logistics welcomes the fact that Duvenbeck will also be using the new eTrucks in its various transport concepts for the Volkswagen Group. The eTruck is an essential component in reducing CO2 emissions from land transport. Therefore, the use of this technology is an important part of the strategic plans to decarbonise logistics in the Volkswagen Group.

“The goal of our goTOzero impact logistics strategy is sustainable logistics. To achieve this, we need innovative partners who, together with us, also lead the way by using new technologies,” says Simon Motter, Head of Volkswagen Group Logistics.

SOURCE: MAN Truck & Bus

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