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Lexus to Start Sales of Fully Redesigned RX with Japan Launch

Lexus announces the start of sales of its RX luxury crossover, as well as the addition of the RX 200t―which features a direct-injection 2.0-liter turbo engine―to the line-up. The all-new RX will be available from Lexus dealers throughout Japan, with dealer launch events to take place from November 7 through 23 and a monthly domestic … Continued

Lexus announces the start of sales of its RX luxury crossover, as well as the addition of the RX 200t―which features a direct-injection 2.0-liter turbo engine―to the line-up. The all-new RX will be available from Lexus dealers throughout Japan, with dealer launch events to take place from November 7 through 23 and a monthly domestic sales target of 500 units.

Known for its fusion of refined design with outstanding technological capabilities, the RX is the best-selling model in the 26-year history of the Lexus brand. This extensive redesign aims to maintain the core strengths of the current model, while achieving continued evolution through an imposing, powerful exterior allied to comfort and stable handling.

A powerful and sensual exterior
Combining the strength of a sport utility vehicle with a powerful, mature appeal, the exterior demonstrates the evolution of the RX. The wheelbase has been lengthened and the tires enlarged, giving rise to imposing, athletic proportions and a spacious interior. Sculpted by a seamless confluence of sharp curves, bold angles and sweeping lines, the RX’s diamond-shaped chassis tapers to the front and rear, while muscular wheel flares protrude outwards.

The front of the vehicle possesses a powerful, aggressive appeal. The cutback angles are set high on the spindle grille, the slender and sharp upper portion of which is contrasted with the thick, imposing lower portion. The graceful silhouette of the RX is paired with a sharp character line that runs along the side from the front fenders to the rear combination lamps. The rear profile mirrors the front, with a spindle theme that provides overall consistency and balance in design all the way down to the diffuser.

The grille and chrome parts fuse into the solidity of the chassis, generating a serenity and deliberate elegance. The quarter windows, for example, feature chrome trimmings, while the blacked-out C-pillars provide a floating-roof effect never before seen on a Lexus product.

An interior that fuses luxury with innovation
The interior of the RX reveals an avant-garde elegance fused with the latest technologies. The driver is cocooned as if in a cockpit, and the low, horizontal position and stair-shaped construction of the instrument panel provide a spacious sense of freedom.

The driving space has been clearly divided into zones differentiated by function, resulting in an interior environment in which the driver can focus on driving: the 12.3-inch wide-screen display provides outstanding visibility; the display zone utilizes a large, full-color heads-up display (HUD); and the operation zone, which concentrates the operational functions such as remote touch, now features “enter” buttons on both sides for increased convenience.

The functions of the various interior components are distinguished by carefully selected materials: functional parts such as the center-cluster controls and the air-conditioner vents are composed of durable materials, while soft, luxurious materials are used for those parts which come into contact with human hands.

The ornament panel of the center console―which has been enlarged and integrated into the interior design through the use of curved surfaces―features newly developed, laser-cut real wood grain, and generally achieves an innovative and luxurious appeal.

Superior comfort and outstandingly responsive performance
The RX offers an outstanding level of comfort and responsiveness, and executes the driver’s commands with quiet confidence. The construction of the front platform has been revised in order to allow the RX to respond directly to driver input, while the engine mount has been attached to the chassis closer to the center of gravity of the engine. This controls the movements of the engine, and results in outstandingly responsive steering.

Openings such as the rear door utilize laser-screw welding and structural adhesives. This increases the stiffness of the chassis, thereby reducing minor vibrations and enhancing the responsiveness of the vehicle.

The structure of the front suspension has also been changed, while the diameters of the front stabilizers have been increased; these improvements lead to greater stiffness, mitigating chassis roll. At the same time, efforts have been made to reduce occupant fatigue caused by long drives, including modifications to the stiffness of the front and rear suspension springs and adjustments to the balance between the front and rear of the vehicle.

The RX F Sport, which aims to take the model’s driving enjoyment to a whole new level, is equipped with NAVI・AI-AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension system) as standard, and features specialized tuning to augment its sporty driving. In addition, the RX 450h F Sport comes with an electric active stabilizer system as standard; this provides stable turning and cornering by limiting chassis roll.

A powertrain that couples excellent fuel efficiency and outstanding acceleration
The RX 450h hybrid system features a 3.5-liter V6 engine newly equipped with the D-4S (Direct-injection 4-stroke gasoline engine Superior version) fuel-injection system. Combined with cutting-edge advances, such as cylinder heads with enhanced exhaust gas cooling, the hybrid system boasts increased output performance and fuel economy of 18.8 km/L1 under the Japanese government’s JC08 test cycle―top level among luxury sport utility vehicles (according to in-house research).

The RX 200t comes with a direct-injection 2.0-liter gasoline turbo engine, which utilizes the latest D-4ST (Direct-injection 4 stroke gasoline engine Superior version with Turbo) direct-injection technologies to achieve optimal fuel efficiency. The combination of the twin scroll turbocharger and Dual VVT-iW (Dual Variable Valve Timing-intelligent Wide)―the variable angles of which have been enlarged―enables the engine to generate maximum torque at low RPMs, thereby providing smooth, exhilarating acceleration.

Latest safety technologies
The Lexus Safety System + active safety package comprises the following four advanced safety technologies, which together provide a multi-faceted approach to active safety: Pre-collision System with pedestrian detection function (PCS); Lane Keeping Assist (LKA2), which helps vehicles stay in lane; Automatic High Beam (AHB3), which automatically switches lights between high and low beams in order to help vehicles detect pedestrians at night from further away; and Radar Cruise Control (with All-speed Tracking function), which maintains a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

In addition, several new safety features have been made available (depending on options and grades chosen) on a Lexus for the first time: the ITS Connect safety system utilizes Japan’s dedicated ITS frequency of 760 MHz for vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle communications; the Intelligent Clearance Sonar automatically mitigates damage in the event of a collision caused by mistakenly pressing the accelerator or pressing too hard; the Rear Cross Traffic Auto Brake (RCTAB) is activated when parking, and automatically controls the brakes when it detects there is risk of a collision from the rear left or right.

A suite of comfort-enhancing features support driving
The rear seats have even greater legroom than in the previous-generation RX. Passenger comfort can be further enhanced through options such as reclining electric power seats or seat heaters. A touchless power backdoor (with doorjamb protection function) has been included as a standard feature on a Lexus for the first time. Simply swipe the Lexus emblem on the back door to open for added convenience. The fixed glazing on the front and rear side-windows has been enlarged, reducing the size of blind spots when turning or parking.
1 Excluding the RX 450h (AWD) version L and F Sport, as well as vehicles whose weight exceeds 2,110 kg due to manufacturer options
2 Lane Departure Alert (LDA) is usually standard with Lexus Safety System +. However, Lane Keeping Assist is offered on the RX.
3 The Adaptive High-beam System, which shields preceding vehicles and oncoming vehicles while using high-beam, is also offered as an option on the RX.

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