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Less down time, more on-the-go time: Lynk & Co provides seamless maintenance experience

Even damn good cars need a tune up sometimes - but that shouldn’t mean planning your entire day around the workshop appointment or spending hours in the workshop waiting area

Even damn good cars need a tune up sometimes – but that shouldn’t mean planning your entire day around the workshop appointment or spending hours in the workshop waiting area. We’re rolling out a seamless experience for our members so that everything from diagnosing issues to getting maintenance done is hassle-free.

The 01 is designed and engineered to spend as little time as possible in the workshop and will have regular over-the-air software updates. Whenever the car does need a trip to the workshop, we’ll arrange to pick up the car, bring it for maintenance, and deliver it back to the member. For longer periods, we’ll even arrange replacement mobility.

To help deliver a hassle-free experience, we’ve enlisted help from our friends at Volvo authorised retailers to offer premium servicing for the 01. As the first in the industry to ditch the dealership model, this partnership is key to delivering efficient maintenancing and reflects how we’re challenging automotive norms. We’re not just ensuring quality and safety for all, it’s also a revolutionary new way for workshops to operate. The partnership will help us open new revenue streams for our partners and provide super convenient service to our members as we grow across Europe in 2021.

Our mobility memberships and 01 car are rolling out through April 2021 in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. Members can sign up for a month-to-month membership starting at €500 per month, which gives them the flexibility to cancel with only a month’s notice. (But y’know, we hope they don’t.)

Membership isn’t just about flexibility, it also makes things super, super simple. Insurance, roadside assistance, access to our car sharing platform, and now maintenance (thanks, Volvo authorised retailers!), are all included in the price of the membership. In fact, only fees our members need to worry about are charging and filling up the car, parking, and traffic tickets – well, hopefully not the last one. There are no sign-up fees, deposits or fixed-term contracts.

Our members are also supported by our innovative Engagement Center, a single point of contact for questions and assistance. Members can get help with just a phone call or the press of a button in the car and the app. But the Engagement Center isn’t just customer support, they also identify, and pre-plan service needs and arrange to pick-up and deliver the car to the workshop. This proactive approach prolongs service intervals from one to two years of 30,000 kilometers.

“Lynk & Co is breaking down the barriers to car ownership with a month-by-month membership. We want our members to focus on the fun side of mobility and let us take care of the boring details.

“Over-the-air (OTA) technology allows us to see the health of the vehicle and update the vehicle software. We can even diagnose issues before the customer experiences the, Thanks to our agreement with Volvo authorised retailers, members across Europe will get more value for their money, peace of mind, and a hassle-free mobility experience.”

Marc Platten, Lynk & Co Vice President of Commercial Operations

SOURCE: Lynk & Co

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