Latin NCAP latest results: Etios renews four stars while Argo/Cronos reaches three

The New Car Assessment Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean, Latin NCAP, fourth set of results of 2019 was released today

The New Car Assessment Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean, Latin NCAP, fourth set of results of 2019 was released today with two popular B segment models assessed with ratings from three to four stars and with good child occupant protection on both of them.

The Toyota Etios, manufactured in Brazil, achieved four stars for Adult and Child Occupant Protection. The updated Toyota Etios is equipped with two airbags as standard and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). The structure and the footwell area of the model were considered as unstable. However, it showed marginal to good protection levels in both adults in front and side impacts tests that together with the Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) in both front seats and the ESC, made the Etios achieve the four stars for Adult Occupant Protection. Toyota recommended to install both child occupants rearward facing following latest global best practices, confirming it with full protection score in the dynamic test for child occupants. The Etios missed the maximum star rating for child occupants because of the lack of passenger airbag warning marking, lack of passenger airbag disconnection switch and the poor ISOFIX marking. The result is valid for the Etios Hatchback and Sedan versions.

The Fiat Argo/Cronos, produced in Brazil and Argentina respectively, achieved three stars for Adult Occupant Protection and four stars for Child Occupant Protection. The Argo/Cronos equipped with two frontal airbags as standard showed a weak chest protection in the side impact test. The structure was borderline rated as unstable, however it was noticed that the model has good projection and development and could be improved. The lack of Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) for the passenger and the lack of enough ESC volume to be considered in the assessment explain the Argo / Cronos adult occupant score. The protection offered to child passenger was good and close to achieve maximum dynamic test score, showing the benefits of good performing CRS combined with ISOFIX anchorages. Although the Argo / Cronos offers the possibility of passenger airbag disconnection in case a rearward facing CRS installed in the front passenger seat, its marking does not meet Latin NCAP requirements. Moreover ISOFIX anchorage’s marking do not meet Latin NCAP requirements, which explain the Argo / Cronos Child Occupant Protection score.

Latin NCAP recommends consumers from the region to only buy cars offering ESC.

Alejandro Furas, Secretary General of Latin NCAP said:

“Improvements in safety performance of these two very popular models is more than welcome and show once again the potential of independent consumer information programmes. Manufacturers are reacting to Latin NCAP tests offering safety levels beyond regulatory requirements.

Once again it was proven that rearward facing CRS in children of 3 years old has relevant benefits. Argo/ Cronos latest FCA platform shows good concepts and efforts in safety on its development and design as a reaction to consumer demands. However, it is a concern that a car manufacturer like FCA is still not offering standard ESC in a new car like the Argo/Cronos. It is also a concern that popular cars like these two models are not yet including standard side head protection”.


Ricardo Morales Rubio, Latin NCAP Chairman said:

“These two popular models were very requested by consumers to be tested. We acknowledge FCA and Toyota attitude towards Latin NCAP programme and we encourage other manufactures to have the same attitude in order to offer Latin American and the Caribbean consumers with independent safety information when buying a new car.

We make a call to all governments of the region to make independent consumer safety information mandatory and available to consumers in all new cars, with no minimum of star rating requirement. With this, vehicle safety will voluntary improve very fast in the region and many lives will be saved”.


Toyota Etios

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Fiat Argo / Cronos

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