LADA XRAY: five years on the assembly line

December 15 marked the 5th anniversary of the start of the LADA XRAY production

December 15 marked the 5th anniversary of the start of the LADA XRAY production. The compact city car has opened a new niche for LADA brand and became a locomotive for the usage of new technologies.

LADA XRAY is based on the Alliance body architecture and chassis which were adapted to the Russian conditions by the AVTOVAZ specialists. Concurrently with the development of advanced technologies in XRAY, LADA has implemented the aspiration to expand its presence in the growing SUV segment by releasing a compact car with high clearance and driving performance of a two-wheel drive crossover.

LADA XRAY embodied the DNA style of LADA, moreover, it got the name of the concept which presented the X-graphics for the first time in 2012. The XRAY itself was demonstrated at the Moscow Motor Show in 2014 and went into series the next year already.

LADA XRAY has become one of the brand renewals symbols – this applies not only to the technical side but also to the speed of response to the market demands. The implementation of switchable yaw stability system was the first upgrade: this enables to increase cross-country ability under certain conditions. Then the introduction of the 1,8l engine took place, first with an automatic, then with a manual transmission. A significant amount of design changes was implemented with the launch of LADA XRAY Cross: improved driver’s seat ergonomics, increased space for the passengers on the second-row seats. The intelligent traction control system LADA Ride Select was implemented to enhance driving confidence in difficult road conditions. LADA XRAY crossover became the first LADA with a continuously variable automatic transmission.

In the spring of this year was launched new version XRAY Cross Instinct – the first LADA car received multimedia system with Yandex.Auto. Two more special versions were launched in the fall – XRAY #CLUB with Yandex.Auto and XRAY Cross [BLACK].

The XRAY family is one of the most technically equipped and comfortable LADA cars. LADA XRAY costs from 660 900 rubles, LADA XRAY Cross – from 810 900 rubles; the customers are offered more than 25 different configurations and about 100 certified accessories.


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