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JAC T6 ranks in the top 10 best-selling models in Ecuador 2020

Recently, AEADE, the Ecuadorian automobile association, announced the 10 best-selling models of the year 2020 in Ecuador, and the JAC T6 pickup gasoline version was shortlisted

Recently, AEADE, the Ecuadorian automobile association, announced the 10 best-selling models of the year 2020 in Ecuador, and the JAC T6 pickup gasoline version was shortlisted. According to AEADE, JAC T6 pickup series has reached a sales volume of 1,778 units.

Alexander Amaya, sales director of JAC Ecuador, says, JAC pickups have been in Ecuador market for four years, and the gasoline version is very popular in coastal cities. Compared with the competitors, JAC T6 has won the favor of Ecuadorian users with its leading technology platform, stylish appearance and 6 year/unlimited mileage warranty. In 2020, JAC pickup is particularly outstanding in surpassing Japanese competitors and ranks into the top 3 pickup brands.

In recent years, with excellent quality and competitive price, Chinese automobile brands have increased their market share in Ecuador year by year, making positive contributions to the development of local society and economy. JAC introduced light truck into this market at first. Although Ecuador is close to the equator, it has high anti-corrosion and rust resistance requirements for vehicles due to its proximity to gulf. JAC light truck has deeply rooted in the market for many years and has been ranking the No. 1 of Chinese light trucks for 14 consecutive years. JAC brand becomes the most trusted Chinese truck brand. At the same time, JAC heavy truck also performs well as the No. 1 Chinese brand and No. 2 among all brands in local sales.

The good market performance in Ecuador of JAC can not be separated from the close cooperation with the distributor, Roldán Group. The two sides have been working together for 14 years, adhering to the business purpose of customer satisfaction. A network of 29 dealers and over 30 service & spare parts outlets is set up throughout Ecuador, and a professional sales and service team has been built up. Mr. Juan Carlos, the president of distributor, go deep into the market front line, listen to and think of the customer requirements, and lead all staff to meet the demand of customers. Customer satisfaction always comes first. Over the past 14 years the cumulative sales volume of JAC Light commercial vehicles has exceeded more than 12,000 units in Ecuador.

In 2020, the pandemic swept through South America, and the government restricted residents from going out, which poses new challenges for the Roldán Group. The distributor actively cooperate with JAC on new marketing strategy and opening up a new model of digital marketing. Live stream training and vehicle sales are in full swing, effectively ensuring that retails do not decline. The year-round cumulative local live stream reaches 3 times, with more than 160 posts, 12 promotional theme campaigns, and attracting more than 120,000 fans.

In August 2020, a 10-day ex-factory promotion was launched jointly by the OEM and distributor, the full range of commercial vehicles were in promotion for inventory. The promotion, which was the biggest in near two years, reached to a total of 52,714 people on official website and Facebook, and realized 347 units of sales. In November the 18-day Black Friday promotion (equivalent to the Double Eleven in China) was launched. With unified application of the headquarter-designed black five sales outlets promotional scheme, with all-round publicity through television advertising, online celebrity advertising, social APP, radio, outdoor advertising, text and other ways, the promotion realized a total sales of 439 commercial vehicles, with full coverage on light truck, pickup, Sunray van and heavy truck.

With Ecuador’s economic development, consumer demand for vehicles will continue to escalate, and the automotive industry will face new opportunities and challenges. JAC Motors will always uphold the business philosophy of customer satisfaction, and provide Ecuadorian users with better products and better service in the next 14 years. BETTER DIRVE, BETTER LIFE.


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