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​Iveco joins forces with energy supply chain stakeholders to deliver a successful biomethane ecosystem

​Iveco, transport and logistics company GLS Italy and energy supplier Vulcangas inaugurate a new Bio-LNG plant in Italy

​Iveco, transport and logistics company GLS Italy and energy supplier Vulcangas have inaugurated a new Bio-LNG plant at the Cascina Antegnatica farm near, Lodi, Italy. The new plant will produce biomethane with agricultural waste from local farms and supply Vulcangas. The Bio-LNG will be used to fuel the LNG-powered vehicles in GLS Italy’s fleet, which includes ​Iveco S-WAY LNG trucks.

Biomethane is currently the only mature technology that provides a solution with no compromise on performance and refuelling times compared to diesel. It enables carbon neutrality and, depending on the feedstock used in its production, even a carbon-negative performance. Its benefits extend beyond the transport sector as an enabler of energy independence with the potential to lower prices and contribute to the development of rural areas.

Biomethane doesn’t benefit only the environment – it also brings economic advantages. The production process involves by-products, such as fertiliser from the digestate which can replace costly chemical fertilisers, and the carbon dioxide which is used predominantly in the food industry.

Giandomenico Fioretti, ​Iveco Head of Alternative Propulsion Business Development, stated: “Today’s event is testament to ​Iveco’s belief in biomethane as a mature solution and its commitment to the decarbonization of transport. It is a tangible demonstration that Bio-LNG is an operationally and financially viable solution, available today. Today we are seeing a best practice in the energy supply chain with all players working together to develop a successful biomethane ecosystem.”

Alessandro Vagaggini, GLS Director of Operations, commented: “Our ambitions in the area of sustainability are underpinned by the joint efforts of many parts of our business. This initiative really underscores our commitment: we’re backing LNG-powered vehicles and we’re now in a position to supply them with Bio-LNG that fully meets our expectations.”

Andrea Bosi, Key Account Manager at Vulcangas, underlined: “The energy industry is going through an unprecedented period in history. Today Bio-LNG occupies a strategic position in the transport supply chain. As a clean fuel that lowers total CO2 emissions, it is the best option to decarbonise transport and free us from energy dependency.”

​Iveco S-WAY LNG trucks from the green fleets of transport operators Gruppo D’Innocenti, T&T.I, Canguro and A&V were on display at the plant’s inauguration.

SOURCE: ​Iveco

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