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Isuzu Exhibitions in the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Isuzu Motors Limited (head office in Shinagawa, Tokyo, President Masanori Katayama) exhibits 7 vehicles (including 3 ones for reference exhibit) and 6 powertrains (including 2 ones for reference exhibit) from Friday, October 30 through Sunday, November 8, 2015, in the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 to be held in Tokyo Big Site. Under the theme … Continued

Isuzu Motors Limited (head office in Shinagawa, Tokyo, President Masanori Katayama) exhibits 7 vehicles (including 3 ones for reference exhibit) and 6 powertrains (including 2 ones for reference exhibit) from Friday, October 30 through Sunday, November 8, 2015, in the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 to be held in Tokyo Big Site.

Under the theme of

Always Next To You
-with vehicles as your life partner, carry evolves into the future,

Isuzu has continued considering future trends and proposing new ideas of carry to have a better life for all the people in the world. In this Motor Show, Isuzu focuses not only on hardware (e.g. vehicles, engines) but also on business solution software to improve vehicle fuel economy as well as vehicle operating efficiency.

1.Isuzu GIGA G-Cargo [World Premiere]
This is a new model of Isuzu heavy-duty truck with the following 5 performance characteristics optimized; (1) comfortable cabin, (2) fuel-saving consumption, (3) advanced safety, (4) large payload, (5) remote support by telematics communication technology.

2.Isuzu TX80 [reference exhibit]
This truck has a payload capacity of 5 tons, developed to meet the demands to restore industries after World War II, with high reputation for strength, ride comfort and economy, and considered as a pioneer of long haul heavy-duty trucks in Japan. Its basic design concepts have been carried over to date.

3.Isuzu CNG MPI GIGA [reference exhibit]
This is a heavy-duty compressed natural gas (CNG) multi-port injection (MPI) truck, developed to reduce CO2 emission during transport between cities, as well as to secure energy. CNG MPI system enables us to control fuel injection finely, and, together with three-way catalyst and cooled EGR system, brings us compliance with domestic emission regulation with a benefit of CO2 emission reduction.

4.Isuzu ELF Hybrid
This vehicle is provided with such new functions as EV mode (run quietly only on motor power) and ‘Smart Glide +e’ control. With the Smart Glide +e control, the vehicle running at a constant speed is operated in the fuel saving mode with clutch disconnected to utilize inertia. When vehicle speed drops or more power is needed, the motor provides additional power. So, smooth vehicle operation is realized.

5.Isuzu ERGA
The bus has a wide non-step area, and is equipped with a downsized in-line 4-cylinder engine to reduce weight and improve fuel economy. AMT is recommended to customers who want fuel economy more than dynamic performance, and AT to customers who want dynamic performance more than fuel economy. In any way, the vehicle has only 2 pedals and thus driving is easy.

6.Isuzu FORWARD F-Cargo
The truck is equipped with lane departure warning system (LDWS), Isuzu electronic stability control (IESC) (vehicle skid control), pre-crash brake (PCB) system, and milliwave vehicle-to-vehcle distance warning system (the former two systems are now available, and the latter two in the near future).

7.ISUZU D-MAX X-Series Hi-Lander 4-door <overseas production/sales> [reference exhibit]
D-MAX X-Series is a special model, differentiated from standard one with the red name badge, having characteristic appearance of sportiness and strength, and thus gaining a high reputation from overseas young people. The exhibited vehicle named ‘Hi-Lander’ is a premium luxurious model having a strong presence in a city.

8.Isuzu Engine and Transmission Series
Here we have Isuzu diesel engines and transmissions. Isuzu D-CORE represents a next-generation highly-efficient diesel engine series, in which Isuzu original concepts, technologies and performance are realized.

·Diesel Engines

(1)6UZ1-TCS diesel engine
This is a lightweight, compact design, yet powerful low-emission engine which generates high torque even at low speeds, and brings about better fuel economy.

(2)6NX1-TCS diesel engine [reference exhibit]
This is a new engine, in which lightweight and compact design has been realized to secure loading capacity, and is equipped with a 2-stage turbo to achieve high efficiency at all engine speeds.

(3)4HK1-TCS diesel engine
This is a down-sized engine developed for the new heavy-duty bus ‘Erga’. Small displacement and compact design contribute to securing wide non-step area.


(4)MJX12 transmission
This is an automated manual transmission (AMT) dedicated to a heavy-duty truck. Fuel economy is improved by adopting Smart Glide technology (disconnect clutch and shift gear to neutral to enable inertia running, when certain conditions are met).

(5)MEB9 transmission [reference exhibit]
This is a down-sized yet high-torque transmission. Fuel-saving consumption and low noise are realized by combining this transmission with the new 6NX1-TCS engine (reference exhibit).

(6)MZW transmission
This is a lightweight, compact 6-speed automated manual transmission (AMT) developed for heavy-duty city buses, with which you can operate the bus easily without operating clutch. You can start the bus easily as it can creep and move very slowly. This transmission contributes to comfortable ride and reduction of driver fatigue.

9.View Assist Technology (VAT) and Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC)
VAT utilizes a high-precision millimeter wave radar, as well as various types of sensors to enable us to detect potential risks early, and thus help a driver recognize, judge and maneuver the vehicle. IESC utilizes sensors to detect the driver’s maneuvering as well as changes in vehicle behavior, and thus to give warning to a driver, and take over vehicle control (e.g. control engine and apply brake) to prevent an accident, if the truck attitude and behavior are considered dangerous.

10.Telematics system for commercial vehicles ‘MIMAMORI’ and Vehicle Operation Support Program ‘PREISM’
Isuzu ‘MIMAMORI’ is a telematics system for commercial vehicles to communicate vehicle operating data on Internet, and thus analyze vehicle data remotely. With the system, Isuzu can offer various beneficial services (e.g. monitoring for compliance with traffic rules, eco-drive advice).
Isuzu further utilizes MIMAMORI, and starts to offer a new program named ‘PREISM’ for the new GIGA, which assists and supports vehicle operation. Isuzu always watches the trend in vehicle operating conditions, and recommends customers to take preventive action to secure stable vehicle operation.

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