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Hyzon Motors plans to accelerate decarbonization through repower program

Hyzon’s Repower program to convert used diesel trucks and existing fleets to zero-emission, fuel cell electric vehicles

Hyzon Motors, a global supplier of zero-emissions hydrogen and fuel cell powered commercial vehicles, is finding new ways to bring zero-emission vehicles to roads sooner.

Responding to customer demand for zero-emissions vehicles amidst a global supply chain crisis, Hyzon plans to  allow customers to exchange their used diesel truck chassis for conversion to fuel cell electric operation. After removing diesel components, these used trucks will be upfitted with the company’s proprietary fuel cell system, electric drivetrain, and hydrogen storage system through collaboration with Fontaine Modification.

“The Repower program is a natural solution for our current situation: customers are seeking to urgently reduce emissions, but current supply chain constraints make it very challenging to meet demand. Thanks to the in-house production of our proprietary fuel cells, Hyzon’s Repower program can deliver zero-emissions vehicles to customers sooner, with lower cost, and less waste,” said Hyzon CEO Craig Knight.

Hyzon projects that the Repower program will be a more efficient method by which fleets decouple from diesel, putting clean trucks on the road sooner. Current lead time for new vehicle chassis ordered today is up to 16 months. Hyzon expects to Repower vehicles much more quickly, since the company will have direct access to the existing chassis. Repowering an existing vehicle is also expected to reduce customer costs, leading to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) at or below diesel parity in California, as a result of available  subsidies. Additionally, the Repower program avoids waste and manufacturing carbon emissions generated by asset renewal.

A Hyzon 110 kW fuel cell Repower truck will be on display at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California between May 9 and May 12, 2022.

Hyzon’s 200 kW hydrogen fuel cell Repower truck, based on the most powerful fuel cell stack Hyzon has developed, will begin testing by end of 2022; these heavy duty fuel cell systems will be produced in the company’s Bolingbrook facility in Illinois.

SOURCE: Hyzon Motors

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