Hyundai launches clean assurance as its commitment to customer health

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hyundai Motor America is providing its dealer body with Clean Assurance guidelines to help safeguard the health of its customers

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hyundai Motor America is providing its dealer body with Clean Assurance guidelines to help safeguard the health of its customers. As communities across the country reopen, customers can expect Hyundai dealers to follow their local state, county and city guidelines that include social distancing and cleaning measures at their facilities. Most Hyundai dealerships are also now offering digital transactions and remote service to minimize contact interactions.

This approach is led by Hyundai Motor America’s Chief Customer Officer, Barry Ratzlaff, along with expert guidelines from public health officials and input from Hyundai’s global headquarters in South Korea.

“Hyundai Assurance is built on the foundation of America’s Best Warranty and represents the guiding principle behind everything we do,” said Ratzlaff. “We want our customers and owners to know that we are reinforcing our commitment to prioritize their health in this new retail and service environment. It’s been a collaborative effort with our dealer body to develop training materials, guidelines, and digital and remote services.”

Hyundai developed a video summary of its retail and service health initiative that is being shared with customers on Hyundai’s website and social media channels.

Elements of Hyundai Clean Assurance include:

  • Cleaning Protocols: Hyundai has partnered with Bioesque Solutions to equip interested dealers with disinfectant cleaner for facilities and vehicles, and developed comprehensive steps for expanded cleaning and sanitization processes
  • Social Distancing Measures: Hyundai dealerships follow the guidelines recommended by their state, county and city health officials, including social distancing and managing the flow of customers and employees in both showroom and service facilities
  • Dealer Training: Hyundai has created training materials for dealerships and distributed best practices with recommendations for staffing, sales and service operations, customer communications, social distancing protocols, and cleaning and sanitization procedures

Hyundai customers and owners can also take advantage of several digital and remote offerings for retail sales and service:

  • Online Retail Sales: Leveraging Shopper Assurance and Click to Buy, digital retailing is available on most Hyundai dealer websites, allowing buyers to select a vehicle, calculate payments, apply for credit, value a trade-in, and complete the paperwork online; customers can also arrange flexible solo test drives at participating dealers with the vehicle brought to a customer’s home for evaluation
  • Home Delivery: Most Hyundai dealers, depending on participation and local franchise laws, will deliver new vehicles directly to the customer’s home
  • Service Pick Up and Drop Off: Hyundai owners can have their vehicle picked up for service and repair, and dropped back off once the work is completed at most dealerships

SOURCE: Hyundai Motor America